A huge industry across the world, the retail industry covers many different sectors. It’s not just retail stores, but online operations and many other forms of selling goods directly to the consumer. Not only is retail very competitive, but there are also many other challenges.

The competitive nature of the market squeezes profit margins in many sectors, while many restrictions can make it difficult to compete with “big-box” chain retailers. Without the help of retail trade shows, businesses may not be able to find the right connections to grow.

Even larger companies needs industry trade shows to find the new, innovative products they want on their shelves. Attending Retail’s Big Show or Retail’s Digital Summit is necessary for running a retail store successfully. These trade shows provide opportunities for connections, creating brand awareness and so much more.

Retail Industry Trade Shows

Retail’s Big Show, also known as the National Retail Federation Big Show, saw more than 33,000 attendees in 2016. Hundreds of sessions were held and the EXPO floor was huge. Technology was present all throughout the show and many connections were made for businesses, inventors and product owners.

This is just a glimpse at one of the bigger shows held every year. Retail’s Digital Summit and Magic are also huge trade shows providing the opportunity for exposure. There are several other excellent trade shows held every year, as well.


  • National Retail Federation’s Big Show Convention & Expo, Jan 14-16 2018, New York City, Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
  • MAGIC Las Vegas, Feb 12-14, 2017 • Las Vegas Convention Center
  • Retail’s Digital Summit – 2018 date TBD

Networking Your Business at Retail Trade Shows

Gaining a competitive edge at this year’s retail trade shows isn’t optional. The competition is stiff and it’s not going to let up anytime soon. You have to be on top of your game, which means you need the right customized trade show exhibit. Standing out from the competition starts with your trade show booth.

If you think showing up at these larger shows with a simple tabletop display will do the trick, think again. You need an inviting exhibit designed to sell your brand by attracting the eyes of attendees all across the room.

One of the best and most affordable ways to create the perfect custom trade show exhibit is by using a modular display. The versatility of this type of trade show display allows you to cater to your audience from one show to the next.

Whether you’re attending the show to gain new contacts with big retailers or you’re seeking the latest and greatest product for your shelves, you need the right trade show exhibit. If you cannot capture attention, you might find the show wasn’t worth the money spent. However, with a custom modular display, you’ll leave with more leads, more business connections and more opportunities than you thought possible.

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