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Take advantage of a smaller trade show space with a portable table top display. Sometimes, you don’t need the full display and a table top display works perfectly. Whether you’re attending a trade show, conference or another type of event, a professionally designed display for your table top may be the perfect solution.

Hiring Nimlok NYC to design your tabletop display means you’ll get the highest quality graphics at an affordable price. We provide an unconditional lifetime warranty for the pop up frame and a shipping case specifically designed for your display. If you want to make a big impact, in a small space, contact us today.

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What is a Table Top Display?

A versatile option allowing you to get your brand message across without taking up a ton of space, table top displays are smaller than the more common modular trade show displays. They are built to fit on top of a table and show off your brand with high quality graphics. Whether you’re working with a tight budget or just need a portable option, tabletop displays work very well.

How are Table Top Displays Used?

Tabletop displays can be used in a variety of ways. They can become a compliment for your overall trade show display or become the display. Some events don’t require a full display, either. Tabletop displays for conferences and other events work very well when you don’t want to ship your entire display.

Since this type of display is incredibly portable, it can be used in many different ways. The high quality graphics will help you stand out as you display our brand in a quick and convenient way.

Benefits of Using Table Top Displays

When you choose a portable or retractable table top display, you gain many benefits including:

  • Easy Setup and Tear Down
  • Convenient
  • High Quality Graphic
  • Cost-Effective
  • Work Well with Table Throws
  • Easy to Ship
  • Fit in Smaller Spaces
  • And More!

When you don’t need your larger trade show display, the tabletop display fits well. It can even be a part of your larger display, yet work as a standalone with a table throw and a few other accessories.

Sizes and Materials

Most tabletop displays come in either eight-foot or six-foot sizes. They are usually five feet tall and designed with a display light to shine on your graphics. These displays may come with a straight or curved frame, which is often made of aluminum. The graphics are printed on fabric and a wheeled shipping case is also provided.