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High in quality, low in cost, retractable banner stands are one of the most popular options for trade show displays. They provide plenty of value with many options to choose from. Retractable banner stands provide an eye-catching graphics with a simple design perfect for portability and getting your message across.

Getting the banner stands you need will help you draw more attention to your trade show booth. We understand the importance of high quality graphics. At Nimlok NYC, we are one of the top choices for your retractable banner stand needs. Our professional design team will make sure you get exactly what you need for your next trade show. Use these banner stands to compliment other features or by themselves to draw attention.

Contact us today and start using the best graphics in the industry on your retractable banner stands.

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What are Retractable Banner Stands?

Also known as roll up stands, retractable banner stands are one of the most popular options for trade shows. They are designed to roll up and pull out, which makes set up and tear down very easy. An inexpensive option, in a variety of options, these banner stands are the perfect complement to your display or work as a stand-alone option if you’re on a tight budget.

How are Retractable Banner Stands Used?

Banner stands can be used by themselves or together to display a larger image or tell a story. With the right combination, you may not need any other graphics for your trade show booth. When you choose retractable banner stands, you can easily get your message across with the right branding.

Often, these banner stands are used when customers need excellent portability and flexibility. They complement other display items very well and provide an excellent choice for those looking to capture the attention of attendees.

Benefits of Using Retractable Banner Stands

Many benefits come with the use of roll up banner stands. The wide range of styles and sizes make these banner stands a great choice. Some of the benefits include:

  • Flexibility
  • Cost-Effective
  • Portability
  • Save Money on Shipping & Handling
  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Tear Down
  • High Quality
  • And More!

When you choose retractable banner stands from Nimlok NYC, you get professionally designed graphics at an affordable price.

Sizes and Materials

Roll up banner stands come in a variety of sizes. Usually, they are more than 30 inches wide and at least four feet tall. They are made with a bungee/telescoping pole to adjust the height of the graphics and molded end plates. The graphics are often printed on a fabric or vinyl.