Portable & Modular Trade Show Displays

When you want an easy to install and tear down display with a professional look, our portable modular displays provide the right solution. We design each portable trade show display to fit your specific needs while providing plenty of unique benefits.

What are Portable Modular Displays?

A portable modular display offers an easy to ship and store option for your trade show space. These displays are professionally created and offer the use of many components. They are designed for convenience, yet provide the quality necessary for great durability.

The key to portable displays is the ease of use they provide. You can transport these displays, set them up fast and they are very light weight. Sometimes, they are even referred to as Nomadic display booths because they are so easy to take with you anywhere you want to go.

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Portable trade show displays come with a number of great benefits including:

  • Great Convenience – With a portable modular display, you can set it up and tear it down yourself.
  • Lightweight – The use of very lightweight materials makes these displays easy to move and ship.
  • High Quality Graphics – Even though a portable display offers lightweight materials, the graphics are still amazing.
  • Durability – The components use are all professionally designed and you still get the quality you desire.
  • Flexibility – Portable displays from Nimlok NYC are very flexible. Use them at any trade show, expand them to fit a larger size and let them grow over the years as you see fit.

There are several benefits when it comes to portable modular displays. When you choose this affordable, lightweight option, you get more than just an easy to transport display. You will gain all of the benefits above and you’ll be able to spread your brand at every trade show you attend.

Sizes and Components

Since portable displays use many different components they can be designed to fit just about any size trade show display space. Components often used with these types of displays include:

  • Banner Stands
  • Literature Racks
  • Tension Fabric Displays
  • SmartWall Banners
  • Printed Table Cloths
  • Tablet Stands
  • Pop Up Light Displays
  • And More!

There are several components you can use to customize your portable display. Whether you start with a small display or you need a larger display for your next show, Nimlok NYC has you covered. We provide portable modular displays to fit many different sizes and designs for your trade show display needs. Contact us today and find out how we can help you grab the attention of your target market at your next trade show.