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Make trade show attendees feel like they are walking right into your office with an island display. Attracting your target audience is the entire goal of any trade show booth design. With the right island exhibits, you’ll not only grab attention, but also make attendees feel comfortable enough for a conversation.

When it comes to island exhibits, Nimlok NYC is the right choice. We provide fully customizable trade show displays perfect for every trade show you plan to attend. If you want to attract more attention, allow attendees to approach from multiple directions and create a feeling of your own office at your next trade show, an island display will fit perfectly.

Contact us today and put our professional team of designers to work for you. We will create the perfect graphics and display to ensure you grab more attention at your next trade show.

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What are Island Displays?

An island display provides access to your trade show booth from all directions. Your display is often set up in the center of the booth space with plenty of room around the display to allow your staff to speak with attendees. The main goal of an island booth display is to grab attention from all directions instead of just in front of your booth space.

How are Island Displays Used?

Island exhibits are ideal for those looking to engage more attendees and attract attention. They are very unique with an open design allowing people to approach from just about any direction. If you prefer to set up in a larger space, on an end cap or in an open trade show space, an island display might be the perfect choice.

Benefits of Using Island Displays

Using an island booth display provides many benefits including:

  • Ability to Attract Attention
  • Approachable from Multiple Directions
  • Feels like an Office
  • Purchase or Rent
  • Greater Flexibility
  • And More!

Island displays allow you to add or subtract elements as you see fit. You can purchase your display or use one of the island display rentals to gain the benefits above at your next trade show.

Sizes and Materials

The sizes and materials used to create an island display vary. They usually start with an aluminum frame and fabric graphics. However, the ability to add in banner stands, graphic walls, monitors, counters, tables, seating and many other elements causes the materials to vary.

Sizes usually fit your specific display size. Many designs fit perfect with 10×10, 10×20 and 10×30 exhibit sizes.