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Bringing Your Brand to Life

Bringing Your Brand DNA To Life

Turning design into an asset gives your company the opportunity to create a branded environment.

At Nimlok NYC, we provide the expertise to ensure the right tools are used to identify your specific company DNA. After we’ve identified your DNA, our team of expert designers will create an environment full of proper brand expression.

Our process will ensure meaningful expressions of your brand are brought to life in two-and-three dimensional experiences. We take your goals for your brands and make them a reality.

Benefits of Branded Environments

Whether from office interior design or with creating a “store within a store,” your branded environment will bring about plenty of benefits. As one of the top ways to show off a service or product, when you hire Nimlok NYC to design the perfect branded environment, you’ll gain many benefits.

A combination of design, graphics, lighting, architecture and marketing will be used to increase your overall brand awareness and loyalty. When you choose a branded environment from Nimlok NYC, you’ll deliver the personality, identity and major marketing message of your company to your client. It can be done very directly or subtle, yet powerful. A few of the main benefits include:

Active Selling

Most forms of marketing don’t actively sell your products, but a branded environment does. By creating a visual sales experience, your branded environment will allow customers to touch and hold your products as it sells them on the idea and branding.

Show of Commitment

A branded workspace allows employees to see the commitment of the owners to the company and the people working for the company. It helps workers to see how the company wants customers to be treated as the company lives their brand instead of just creating it.

Better Employee Engagement

Branded work environments help to increase the level of engagement from employees. In fact, some studies have shown an improvement in performance by as much as 20%.

Along with these top benefits, a branded environment for your business has the ability to:

  • Improve Customer Recognition
  • Increase Sales
  • Differentiate You from the Competition
  • Provide a Higher Perceived Value
  • Create Better Employee Satisfaction and Retention
  • Increase Productivity
  • Provide a Better Understanding of Company’s Values & Mission

Going Beyond the Aesthetics

While the aesthetics of your branded environment are incredibly important, it takes more than just great design. If you want to create a true branded environment, you must impact your audience through more than graphics. The most effective choice will combine image, tone of voice and your overall message.

A truly branded environment will align with the values and voice of the company, while inspiring employees and informing customers. It shows what you, as a company, stand for and why you’re in business.

If you want to increase the productivity of your employees, gain more customers and show off your brand in a very powerful way, you need to brand your work environment. At Nimlok NYC, we provide a team of branding specialists ready to help you communicate your message better. No matter the type of business you run, we’re ready to assist you with your branded environment. Contact us today and find out how you’ll benefit from a branded workspace.

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