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Why Trade Shows Still Matter For B2B Marketers

Many companies still view trade shows as a very important part of their marketing strategy, and for good reason. While attendance at some shows may be down, the business-to-business marketing opportunity is still one of the best for most industries. There really isn’t a better way to gain face-to-face opportunities for relationship-building with others in your industry.

In-Person Events Still Effective

A report from the Content Marketing Institute showed that in-person events are still effective, according to the respondents. In fact, this type of event ranked above webinars/webcast, white papers and case studies. Another report called the Marketers Find Exhibitions an Essential Marketing and Sales Tactic from the Center for Exhibition Industry Research showed that B2B exhibitions were ranked second when it came to marketing and sales tactics.

These reports may show how effective trade shows still are for business-to-business marketers, but they don’t matter much if companies don’t choose the right shows. It’s important to choose shows with contextual relevance. Along with choosing the right shows, companies need to put together a strategy to help build the right relationships and increase awareness.


Google Can’t Help if You Don’t Know What You’re Searching For

One of the key reasons trade shows still provide an effective way for businesses to market to other businesses is the discovery factor. You can’t search on Google for something you’ve never seen or heard of. Trade shows remain as one of the top sources for discovering new product and services.

Just walking through a trade show will provide plenty of surprises. Many booths will offer something you’ve never seen or heard of before. This is one of the key reasons why large companies looking for new products and services still send teams of people to industry trade shows.

Better Prospects Show up at Shows

Often, marketing is all about gaining new leads, but the best leads don’t always come in high quantity. Instead, the best leads are quality prospects seeking what you have to offer. Trade shows are filled with high-quality prospects ready to become leads and buyers for your company’s product or service.

Someone willing to show up to a trade show is on a mission. They believe the show is going to provide them with what they are looking for, or even a surprise they couldn’t have possibly anticipated. While some trade shows may see a lower number of attendees, those coming out to the show are highly interested prospects.

Face-to-Face Still Wins

When it comes to communications, face-to-face is still the best way to do business with another business. While social media, email and phone calls may have made it easier to market, a face-to-face conversation still goes a long way to creating a relationship.

Trade shows open up the opportunity for many face-to-face meetings all in one place and over just a few days. It’s one of the best opportunities to form a genuine bond with prospects all across your industry.

B2B marketers are always looking for ways to easily reach a larger number of quality prospects. Trade shows still remain as one of the most legitimate ways to meet hundreds or maybe thousands of industry prospects all in one place. With the right trade show strategy, attending the top industry shows still provides a very positive ROI.