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Design Goals and Objectives for Trade Show Exhibits

Creating the right type of trade show exhibit isn’t always straightforward and easy. Sometimes, you really have to take the time to think about what will draw in your target audience and keep them at your booth long enough to remember you. There are many ways to go about getting people to your booth. It all starts with proper design goals and objectives. When you commit to attending trade shows, you must create objectives and goals for each show. These are a very important part of the process and will give you something to strive for. Here’s a look at why you need to set goals and a have a clear set of objectives for your next trade show.

Something to Strive For Goals give us something to work towards. They allow us to work hard to try and achieve the goal we set. Often, even if we don’t achieve the goals we set out to achieve, we accomplish far more just by having goals than we would without them.

A Clear and Concise Plan Objectives give us a plan. When you go into a trade show with a set of concise objectives, you are basically putting together a plan of attack. This plan will help guide you through the show and help you get the most out of it.

Save Time and Money Without goals and objectives, you may waste time, money and energy. You have invested in a trade show and you should get the most out of it. With the right goals and objectives, you can get far more out of it for the time you are there and for the future.

A Few Common Goals for Trade Shows Some of the goals you may want to consider for your next trade show include: • Generate a list of leads for future sales • Begin building a relationship with new customers • Continue to build a relationship with current customers • Create new sales from the show • Gain a mention in the press • Generate excitement around your brand • Increase visibility within your industry • Research your competitors • Spot any new industry trends

These are just a few sample goals and your goals may vary, depending on what industry you’re in and what you want to accomplish.

A Few Specific Areas for Clear Design Goals and Objectives Along with your list of goals, you will need to put together a few clear objectives for specific parts of the trade show experience. Some of the areas you may need to set objectives for include: • Budget – Make sure you know how much you can afford to spend. • Your Message – If you go into a trade show without a clear idea of what type of message you want to deliver to your audience, you may be setting yourself up for failure. Make sure you have a few key ideas you want to communicate to your audience. • Booth Staff – You want to set an objective to hire the best possible staff and get them trained before throwing them to the trade show wolves.

Set Up and Tear Down – Unless you’ve hired a company to help with setting up your booth and tearing it down, you should have specific objectives on how you want this done and when it needs to be completed.

Any other part of the trade show also needs a clear set of objectives. It’s very important to be prepared and have a good idea of how you want things handled. Before your next trade show, make sure you create a list of achievable goals and clear objectives.

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