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Whip Them into Shape: is Crowd Shaping Really Necessary?

Using crowd shaping is an excellent way to customize the experience of an event to fit those within the space. At trade shows, you can use crowd shaping to help determine the preferences and interests of those in attendance. It can be used through RFIDs and iBeacons, along with apps with geolocation. The data gathered can provide a better picture of where attendees are, what they want and how you can cater to their needs. Here are two examples of how crowd shaping works.

The North American International Auto Show

Nissan provided a great example of how to use RFIDs and iBeacons for a more interactive guest experience. They provided a system with the ability to deliver guests information about each vehicle as they moved closer to it. The information was delivered directly to the guest’s smartphone, which provided a unique experience for all in attendance.

C2 Montreal

Connect & Go provided RFID badges at C2 Montreal, which allowed the organizers to adjust staffing and food based on the concentration of attendees in a specific area. This made it possible to give attendees a better experience with better customer service throughout the event.

There are many ways crowd shaping can help with trade shows and other types of events. As a trade show exhibitor, you can use crowd shaping to help with your marketing. Here are a few ways this technology can be used at your next show.

Provide a Unique Experience

With RFID, iBeacon, and geolocation, you can provide a very unique experience for those coming to your exhibit. It’s possible to provide prizes, information, games, puzzles and many other relevant materials based on the guest’s location.

Adjust to the Crowd

Maybe you’ve attended shows where you didn’t see the same foot traffic as other shows. With crowd shaping technology, you can adjust in real time to engage attendees better. This technology will provide you with the aspects your event attendees are looking for and you can adjust signage, call to action words, event schedules and more to accommodate those at the show.

Control the Flow of your Crowd

Geolocation provides another element of crowd shaping you can use to better control crowd flow. You will be able to see where people are gathering and provide staffing accordingly. If you need to call a staffer back from a break to help serve the crowd, you can do this before they show up instead of in the middle of the storm.

For Future Events

The data you collect from one trade show can even help you plan for the next. As you use crowdsourcing, you will start to see trends from one trade show to another. This will allow you to create an adjustable exhibit, flexible staffing and an event schedule better suited to your target market.

There are many ways crowdsourcing technology will help you better market your company, services, and products at trade shows. It’s the wave of the future and many already use the technology to engage event attendees better.

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