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What You Need To Know About Renting an Exhibit

Whether you are new to trade shows or are an experienced exhibitor, you might be weighing your options – should you rent your next exhibit or should you buy? Renting is the obvious choice if you plan on attending just one trade show, but you might be surprised to learn that renting exhibits may be helpful for more than that once scenario. Before you rent, though, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

Benefits of Renting a Trade Show Exhibit: The Freedom to Adapt

Renting an exhibit is a cost-effective, hassle-free alternative to buying, storing, maintaining, and reconfiguring a permanent one. It allows you the freedom to adjust the design to fit your specific marketing needs, schedule, and budget. If you attend multiple shows a year, a rental exhibit provides a fresh look and feel for each event. Rental exhibits are the perfect fit for every venue.

Renting also gives you a chance to experiment with different exhibit sizes, layouts, and design elements that you may wish to use in a permanent exhibit someday.

What to Know Before You Rent

Find out if the provider includes storage

Full-service display providers also include storage and maintenance of your exhibit, which can mean reduced storage cost and space-saving. 

Find out if the display provider offers a variety of booth sizes

Exhibit booths are available in a wide range of sizes. Determine the size requirements of your booth, and find out if the display provider can design the booth according to your specifications.

Develop a detailed request

The more information you can provide about your organization’s needs and expectations, the better. Supply a hard copy of or link to any stylebooks detailing your company’s preferred fonts, colors, logos, etc. Include show goals and information about any specific electrical needs and wire management your organization may have.

Learn about the available options

Full-service solution providers offer in-house graphic design teams, 3D exhibit renderings, exhibit storage, repair and maintenance, shipping and inspections to provide you with the highest quality rental exhibits.

If your company plans to attend a trade show and is interested in the possibilities of renting offers, contact Nimlok NYC to learn more about renting an exhibit. Nimlok NYC is a premier global solutions provider for the trade show industry that provides a wide variety of services that can simplify and optimize your show experience. Contact our team today to start designing your custom rental exhibit.