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What to Look for When Hiring Your Trade Show Staff

Your trade show staff plays a huge role in the results you will achieve at each trade show. Whether you use employees of your company or hire outside staffers, you need to make sure your brand is properly represented.
While finding the right trade show staff may be a challenge, it’s not impossible. With the tips found below, you can hire the best possible staff to ensure you receive great results from every trade show you attend.

Experience Matters

Trade shows are very different from any other work environment. An inexperienced person may have a great attitude and may seem like a good choice, but they may not know how to handle the atmosphere. Only hire inexperienced trade show workers if you plan to train them, on-the-job, for future trade shows.

When going through the hiring process, the more trade show references a potential worker has, the better. This is true of staffers that will be asked to talk to attendees and those just asked to model for your booth.


Great Communication is Key

Unless you will only hire models to look good and smile, you need a trade show staff full of great communicators. Trade shows require staff to interact with attendees, engage their audience and show off your brand. Hiring trade show staffers not capable of communicating well is the easiest way to set your company up for failure.

Presentable and Friendly

Your trade show booth needs to be presentable and inviting for attendees to stop by and so does your staff. Make sure the people you hire to represent your company provide the look you desire and the friendliness necessary to make attendees feel comfortable.

If your brand sells products for beard care, it doesn’t make much sense to staff your booth with a bunch of clean-shaven men. However, if your brand is all about a clean-cut look, those same clean-shaven guys may fit well for your booth.

Use a National Staffing Agency

One of the best ways to ensure you will get great staffers for your trade show is to use a well-respected staffing agency. Some staffing agencies will just provide a body to take up space, but the top agencies provide talented individuals ready to help your company succeed. In addition, using a national staffing agency ensures you get W-2 employees covered by disability insurance and workers’ compensation.

Avoid Overstaffing

One of the biggest mistakes companies make is putting too many people on their booth staff. With too many people in your booth, it can cause visitors to skip over you because it looks too crowded. You want to make sure you have enough people to handle the attendees interested, but you don’t want to have too many people on your trade show staff.

There are several things to consider when hiring a staff for your trade show booth. If you want to make sure you get the most out of every trade show, using a national staffing agency with a reputation for providing great workers may be the best way to go. However, you still want to make sure your trade show staff represents your brand well and has the ability to communicate well with attendees.