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What Function do you Want to Provide at the Trade Show?

A functional trade show exhibit is very important. With the right design, you can achieve a functional exhibit space perfect for your goals. Here are a few tips to help create a better exhibit space and a more functional trade show exhibit.

Define your Functional Goal

Some exhibits are created to give tradeshow attendees a place to sit and relax. This can provide you with more time to present your brand and company. Other exhibits are designed to get people active and playing some type of game. Your function may be the reason somebody spends more time or less time at your exhibit.

Whether you add elements, such as massage chairs, electronic charging devices, space for demonstrations or a large enough are for shopping, you have to define your functional goal first. Do you want to be the booth everybody is talking about because they can charge their phones? Define your function, and then work on the actual design of your booth.

Make it Unique

Coming up with a unique design will draw attention and help to compliment your function. It doesn’t do any good if you’ve created the perfect space for lounging, but nobody comes into your space to lounge. With a unique design, it will be much harder for show attendees to walk by without checking out what you have in your space.

Large Trade Show Exhibit - Nimlok NYC Large Trade Show Exhibit – Nimlok NYC

Provide a Game

Everybody loves to play a game. With the right game, you will actually have a line of people waiting for their turn. The game should be fun and very attractive. Something simple like a raffle or bingo won’t draw much attention.

A good example of how to use a game comes from the golf industry. Some exhibitors in this space will create a difficult miniature golf hole and give away a prize for anybody that gets a hole-in-one.

Product Demonstrations

Sometimes, you cannot do much with your product, but if you have something that needs to be demonstrated or will catch attention when demonstrated, you should provide demonstrations. The right product, with the right demonstration, will draw attention from across the room and bring people into your exhibit in a hurry. Remember, it is vital to effectively display your products at a trade show.

Imagine your product on a mini-infomercial. If this is a possibility for your specific product, create a simple demonstration that has the same energy. You might be surprised at how fast people start to gather around to watch the demonstration.

Incorporate Technology

With the right technology, you may fulfill a different type of function than expected. The technology you use can be as simple as digital signage or as interactive as touchscreens. Often, these elements are used to help educate the consumer. If the technology provides an interactive experience people are more likely to stick around longer.

Creating the right function from your exhibit is very important. Whether your goal is to show off your product or provide a place for attendees to relax as they enjoy a bit of education about your company, defining your function must happen first. Once you know your function, a professional exhibit designer can help ensure your tradeshow space is a hit.

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