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What Are The Best Trade Show Giveaways?

You already know that the trade show booths with giveaways are the best booths, which is why it’s more important than ever that you give out something at the next show. We covered how to make sure your trade show giveaways are impressionable way back in May ’15. The problem is trying to figure out what kind of giveaway to do. What will your customers remember and like when they receive? Does it need to be an eco-friendly giveaway? What represents your brand, its mission, and functions as a reminder of this?

Sometimes you mean well but giving out business cards, a pen with your logo or a tote bag will end up making you look all too common and you’ll waste money on those bags and pens that will never get used. Choosing something like a t-shirt that a customer will actually wear, something incorporating technology that is all the more useful, or a consumable that will put a smile on someone’s face is a great way to be remembered.


Take a look at the best giveaways to get your brain headed in the right direction.


Who doesn’t love an event like a wedding, where the party favors are a delicious piece of chocolate, a bottle of wine, or bag of popcorn? This applies to the trade show, especially when it comes to giving out a bottle of wine that your brand on it.

Your potential clients will love breaking open that bottle and discussing that presentation you gave about your newest products and overall mission. It’s a great way to make a first impression, stay memorable, and put a smile on your customer’s face.

On a lower scale, consider handing out breath mints that will end up in your new clients’ pocket to be shared with dozens of people. Having snacks ready like those chocolate favors, pretzels, and crackers, or a cup of joe will be an easy way to win over your visitors.

Travel goodies

There are several handouts that are getting noticed lately and they are items that you will love to travel with, especially as you head back to the office after the trade show travel. Hand out things like luggage tags that your flying travelers can use for a long time.

Hand sanitizer to keep in a purse or carry-on will come in handy after shaking so many hands and traveling through an airport. Instead of disposable water bottles with your brand name added to the tag, have reusable water bottles created with your brand name that will get carried around the office, the park, or in a waiting area.

Lip balm will be a favorite during the cold months and for those that are talking a lot and getting chapped lips. You also can’t go wrong with an air freshener that they can put in the car for the trip home, as well as a Card Ninja that sticks to the back of a cell phone and makes it easy to hold on to all of the business cards they’ve collected.

Incorporate technology

Nothing is going to wow a customer more than offering technological freebies that cost a customer money and time to get themselves. You always need a car charger and they always seem to get lost or you forget to take them into that rental car.

Throw in the convenience of a car USB charger with your logo front and center. Another great option is a power bank that can go right into someone’s purse or pocket for an easy way to recharge that cell phone when there is no time to get to an outlet.

Of course, the classic thumb drive will give you an easy way to share your company info with each recipient and they will likely start using them at the office where your brand name will start to show up everywhere.

At this year’s tradeshows, make sure you’re providing an excellent giveaway like these that will keep your brand on your customers’ minds and will make you more memorable than a plain old writing pen or business card handout. Offering items that are useful, less typical, and show that you care about the recipient’s needs will go a long way.