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Q&A: What Are Seamless Graphics?

If you’ve noticed that the graphics and images being used in modern trade show displays look sharper, brighter, and more prominent than before, you may be noticing the subtle but sophisticated effect of seamless graphics. These dynamic graphics are attention-grabbing and offer endless customizations.

What are seamless graphics?

Unlike traditional graphic prints, which are two-dimensional and can usually cover just one surface, seamless graphics allow one image to be applied to multiple surfaces for a 3D effect. As the name implies, these graphics have a seamless transition from surface to surface.

How are seamless graphics created?

There are a variety of different software programs that can precisely replicate an individual image as many times as is needed to cover the display area. These programs can make it simple to generate a seamless image from a common pattern (like a geometrical shape) to a photograph or custom graphic.

What are the benefits of using seamless graphics in a trade show display?

Seamless graphics can work well in many contexts and applications but they are particularly appropriate for trade show booths and displays because of their eye-catching, dynamic nature. Combining your quality product with display graphics that command attention can draw attention to your space and give your sales team the opportunity to educate prospects about the products and services being offered.

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