Trade Show Tips

Trade Show Travel Checklist

Preparing to head out of town for a trade show can oftentimes be a daunting task. Exhibitors must plan in advance for a myriad of different scenarios and prepare accordingly, or risk being stuck at the last minute with no immediate solutions. To make life a little easier, and more organized, we’ve prepared the following travel checklist.


The key to stress-free trade show travel lies in good preparation tactics.

  • Make an instructional binder for the team. Include the following information: hotel reservation, flight arrangements, booth setup instructions with photos, local maps, contact information, and any necessary information about the trade show (such as when you can setup the booth and company check-in times).
  • Set your email to have an auto-reply out-of-office message. Assign a team member to take the lead in handling clients that might need immediate assistance while you are at the trade show.
  • Update your internal calendar. Include an itinerary and best contact times for your in-office team.


Packing for a trade show will require you to think about not only the clothes you will need to wear, but also the miscellaneous items that you’ll need to bring.

  • Pack a first aid kit for the trade show booth. As noted above, while rare, accidents do happen and it’s better to be prepared.
  • Don’t forget to pack your toiletries. Remember to keep the essentials within the TSA guidelines for carry-on luggage; you can always purchase items that you forgot, and many hotels give guests basic items (toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, hairbrush, deodorant, etc.) at check-in.
  • Pack attire that is trade show appropriate. Double check if you need to include business attire or professionally casual outfits. Don’t forget a change of clothes for after-hours attire and comfortable shoes to wear at the trade show.
  • Bring the following digital items in your carry on luggage: phone, laptop, tablet, headphones, chargers for all devices, USB sticks (or memory sticks that are compatible with your devices), and a portable charging station for your phone and tablet. Make sure that you have a cloud backup and physical copy of your important contacts and vital trade show documents.

Booth essentials such as any handouts, presentations, pens, notepads, scissors, etc, were likely shipped ahead of time. Remember to bring with you tracking information of all shipped packages to help track down any packages that traveled separately.

Partner with the Right Team

Exhibiting at a trade show doesn’t need to be stressful so long as you plan accordingly. By partnering with a full-service trade show booth provider like Nimlok NYC, you can leave all aspects of the booth, logistics, and set up to the professionals so you can focus on the other details that will make the event a success. With 40+ years of experience partnering with clients that have global trade show programs, our team has the tools and resources to deliver an experience that will result in a true ROI and elevated experiences with your audience on the show floor. Contact our team to learn more about our services and to begin planning for your next event today!