Trade Show Booth Design

Top Trade Show Issues Rentals Will Solve

If you’ve been on the fence about renting your trade show booth this year, you should definitely consider going for it. Rentals for trade shows solve so many problems, such as customizing the booth to your brand’s needs, outdated booths, and saving you a fortune.  

It can get expensive to keep buying booths that you’ll only use once while sometimes your booth just gets too outdated to use or is ready for a makeover based on your latest customized needs. Take a look at what issues that you could resolve by renting your trade show booth, displays, and extras and where to get them.


It’s expensive to keep buying something new

When you buy a trade show booth, you want to be able to use it over and over again. The problem with this is that your display can get stale, already seen by so many before, and you can’t always fit into every exhibit or properly display your new products. When you buy a new one-time use booth multiple times, you start to notice your business budget is getting out of control.

Renting your exhibit needs can save you a fortune while giving you the customized features that you need and the ability to choose a display that will fit into the booth size you’ve rented. Rather than buying a new booth each year, rent a large-scale booth that you can change up every year for a huge price reduction compared to buying.

You’re regretful of a prior purchase

One of the problems you may have run into is that you’ve bought a display and found out later about a design that would have suited you much better. Since trade show booths are so expensive, it’s important that you don’t find yourself having commitment issues with the one you bought. Avoid all of this by renting your booth rather than buying.

You don’t have to worry about if it’s the perfect booth for your brand or not; you can always rent different options for the next show if you see something you like better at the show. It’s easy to use a rental for all of the things you can imagine, from tech kiosks to seating. You won’t be stuck to any set display or extras because you can always change your mind on what you rent next time.

Your booth is outdated

Another common problem with buying a booth is that you’ll end up finding your booth becomes outdated for your needs and your customers’ attention span. They’ve seen your booth year after year and your new products or services are harder to display now that you’re still using that old booth.

You can always buy something new but it’s expensive and your needs may change again in a few years. Don’t allow your brand to look stale at the exhibits and instead, rent your booth and extras with the professionals at Nimlok NYC, the experts in trade show rentals.

Renting is the new owning. You don’t have to feel the responsibility of caring for a booth or being tied down to just one. Renting as your needs change and make sure your products really pop at each trade show this year.

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