Trade Show Tips

Tips to Help You Stand Out at a Trade Show

One of the biggest challenges in business is finding a way to differentiate your products and services. At trade shows, when you’re rubbing elbows (or in this case, booths) with hundreds of other competitors, this becomes an even harder feat.

Luckily, there’s hope. Here, we share three surefire ways to help you stand out and get results at your next event.

Don’t Be Shackled to Your Booth

Simply standing around your booth and waiting for prospective leads to come to you isn’t an award-winning strategy. Be proactive about getting people to swing by your exhibit. Ahead of the show, generate interest by using your social media pages to promote your attendance at the show. And, remember to send out invitations to meet with key prospects who will also be in attendance. As the event is happening, consider holding a special drawing, contest, or insightful presentation to get foot traffic flowing.

Focus on Building Relationships

It’s easy to collect business cards from attendees, but your success cannot be measured by the number of business cards you end up with. Instead, it’s all about how you nurture those relationships. Taking the time to reach out via e-mail or telephone goes a long way, as can a handwritten note. Remember to not only acknowledge the person, but take the time to get to know them, and be delighted by the budding new business relationship that follows.

Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

In addition to a personable and proactive team, your trade show booth will play a key role in attracting visitors to your space. Work with an experienced designer to make sure your exhibit is thoughtfully developed and displays send the right message. The materials used, graphic messages, and positioning of additional elements can transform an average booth into a booth that drives real results.

Focus on what makes your company unique rather than trying to be everything to everyone. Providing the right information and taking the time to consider what your audience is looking, and where you can add value, will prove to generate the best results.

At Nimlok NYC, we are known for creating unique exhibits that get brands noticed. Our team of professional designers and strategists have the experience to handle every aspect of your trade show program. Get in touch today to make your company’s presence known at your next industry event.