Trade Show Booth Design

Tips for Launching a New Product at a Show

Trade shows provide an amazing platform to use to launch a new product — regardless of the industry. Doing so allows you to connect with your ideal audience, maximize your product’s exposure and, ultimately, increase sales. The following tips provide a good baseline strategy:

1. Attend the Right Trade Show

One of the best ways to choose the right trade show to attend is to scope out the people who are likely to attend and ensure that they are your potential clients. By doing so, you’ll be able to launch your new product to an audience that is most likely going to convert to sales.

Make sure the event is far enough in advance to allow for the new product to be fully developed, researched, and tested so that its launch is flawless. You want both your event team and the product itself to be ready for attendee interaction with the attendees and for demonstrations.

2. Focused Booth Design

An exhibit that incorporates dynamic elements that encourage interaction from attendees enables them to see firsthand how it works. A product that is for display purposes only can benefit from innovative display cases or shelving that highlights its unique attributes. Whenever possible, though, the old saying actions speak louder than words should be applied when concepting your booth features and how attendees will be able to engage with your offerings.

When envisioning your trade show booth design, don’t be afraid to strategize with your exhibit design team. They will be able to put their years of expertise to use and help you determine the best exhibit flow based on your top goals.

3. Market Your Product Launch

Creating a multi-faceted marketing strategy centered around the product launch is another critical component for its success. Focus on key features and benefits of the newest product as well as any promotional offers that are in effect. In addition to standard public relations, email, and advertising channels, make your product the focus of social media postings. You can do this as a teaser if you want to officially unveil it at the trade show or by focusing on its benefits in certain situations and contexts.

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