Trade Show Tips

Tips for Hosting a Live Demonstration at Your Booth

Hosting demonstrations at your trade show booth can be a great way to draw a crowd and create interest surrounding your company, product, and/or services. At the same time, a bad demonstration can leave people with a negative association of your brand. As you prepare to host a live demonstration at your company’s trade show booth, there are a few tips worth keeping in mind.

Choose Your Presenter Wisely

Start by selecting the right presenter for the job. Ideally, the person running your demonstration should be naturally charismatic and enthusiastic. This person must also be extremely well versed in explaining how the product or service works and able to demonstrate it easily. The ideal presenter will also be great at thinking on his or her feet, especially if questions are asked by the audience during or at the end of the demonstration. Take some time to carefully consider which of your employees would be best suited for this type of job, and don’t hesitate to ask more than one person to present if you think it would be beneficial.

Keep it Short and Sweet

A demonstration that’s too long can cause attendees to get distracted, lose interest, or leave before the demonstration is over. Most trade show attendees will have multiple booths that they want to check out, so you need to respect their time by planning a demonstration that’s informative and to-the-point. While there is no universal length of time that’s ideal for a presentation, you should generally try to keep it at or under five minutes to maintain your audience’s attention span. Individual demonstrations can always be set up separately for visitors who want to learn more information.

Get Others Involved

One great way to maintain interest and engagement with your audience during demonstration is to get them involved! This could be as simple as asking for a few volunteers to assist with the demonstration or even just asking for a show of hands. When your audience feels as though they’re an integral part of the demonstration, they’re more likely to remain interested and engaged.

Work in a Call-to-Action

Remember to work in a subtle call-to-action at the end of your demonstration. This can be anything from asking your audience to grab a business card or leave their email address, to asking them to stick around and try out the product/service for themselves after the presentation.

These are just a few tips worth keeping in mind as you prepare for a live demonstration at your trade show booth. Remember that an eye-catching exhibit can also make a huge difference in your trade show success. If you’re looking for assistance in designing a unique and functional exhibit, contact Nimlok NYC today!