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The Top 5 Latest Trade Show Trends

The trade show experience has changed tremendously over the past few years. Trade show trends can change quite a bit from one year to the next. While it used to be all about the giveaways and parties, many trade shows have outgrown these things. Here’s a look at some of the hottest trade show trends you’ll find at this year’s shows.


One of the hottest trade show trends you will find right now is personalization. When you pay attention to what the attendees want and you create a customized plan for their specific interests, you’re ahead of the game. Personalizing the experience will go a long way to closing more deals at the actual show.

You can use the feedback you have received from past shows to help customize your booth, presentation, and demonstration to fit the likes and dislikes of your visitors. It can be little things, such as how you greet each visitor that makes the difference.


Digital Signage

Another huge trend in trade shows right now is digital signage. Incorporating this type of technology gives you versatility and provides the ability to get rid of the expensive brochures. By eliminating printed material and using digital signage, you will also make your booth more eco-friendly.

When you go from show to show, you can adjust the message on your digital signage to fit the new location and audience. This is much harder to do with printed materials and far more expensive over the course of many shows.

VIP Experience

The experience rules everything when it comes to recent trends. Giving the VIP experience may be exactly what you need to set yourself apart. It’s important to have a list of current clients that will be at the event. You can give them a little gift to help make them feel special and appreciated at the show.

Treating your current clients and potential clients like VIPs may lead to larger sales and profits. Take them out to dinner, give them access to all the networking events and spend some one-on-one time with them, if possible.

Mobile Apps

Maybe the hottest trend in trade show technology, mobile apps allow you to track consumer behavior and location. Your app can alert attendees when your booth is nearby or of a special deal or giveaway you have going on. Just about everybody has a smartphone now and if they have your app, you’ll gain more booth traffic at each trade show.

Phone Charging Stations

There’s nothing worse than spending all day at a trade show with your phone running out of juice halfway through the day. Attendees may be scrambling to find the booth with the phone charging station, which gives you a chance to connect with them. Some companies, such as GoCharge, will actually rent out charging stations you can incorporate into the design of your booth.

There are several huge trade show trends going on right now, but these are five of the hottest. If you want to stand out and make attendees happy, use these trends to build a better booth and experience for those visiting you at your next trade show.