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The Benefits of Modular Display Components in your Trade Show Display

If you’re preparing for your next trade show booth display, you may want to consider going the route of a modular display. What is a modular display and why choose it? This new way of excelling at trade shows is becoming the new norm in which you can more easily, affordably, and elegantly display your brand to the world.
It’s more portable than the standard display, easier to customize and fit a wide range of budgets. If you want to be part of this new wave of the latest in trade show booth design, consider a modular display for your exhibit. Take a look at more on this design and where you can get one.

What is a modular display?

The modular trade booth display is a more versatile option for displaying your exhibit. It’s a smart way to handle your booth’s design because it offers you better portability, more customization, a budget-friendly option and all while delivering the best opportunity for clients to collaborate with you. You’ll find modular exhibits ranging in sizes and options to fit a variety of exhibit sizes and needs. Many are making the switch to this type of display for all of its perks over traditional displays.

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What are the advantages?

There are many advantages to going this route for your next trade show. You’ll be able to transport them and assemble much easier than your typical custom exhibit display. Being lighter-weight and less awkward to handle, you no longer need an exhibit staff to handle your individual shipments. Cutting back on manpower, transportation, and assembly will save you time and money.

Being lightweight and feature components that are easy to assemble and disassemble, you’ll find that the components of a modular display are easy to work with compared to the expensive, heavy, traditional displays. Due to have interlocking pieces, you could have one employee bring the lightweight pieces, set it up themselves, and just bring the pieces you need that day.

It’s a versatile model with the various components available to you, from shelving to frames, and tabletops to lighting. You can make one large display with several components or opt for a simpler display in which you only bring the pieces you’ll need for that particular trade show. It’s a great way to accommodate a larger space at a big event or a smaller space for another show.

Some prefer this method for the fact that the different configurations allow you to create multiple displays out of your components giving you the option to be at multiple trade shows at one time. It’s also cost effective for companies looking for budget-friendly options because you can easily save money in the transportation and drayage costs.  With it being custom, you’ll be able to change up the look, design, and message at each trade show through different design possibilities.

Where can I get one made?

If you like the idea of a modular display and having the optimal design for connecting with your clients, you can work with the professionals here at NimlokNYC. We offer customization options in Velocity modular displays and SmartWall tension fabric displays that will ensure your display stands out and commands attention at the trade show.

If you’re interested in the trending modular trade show display options for 2017, contact us to get your new booth ready to go.