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Ten Trade Show Booth Games to Create a Buzz

Can anyone tell me the most positive business networking approach to reaching throngs of customers and collaborators, while looking them in the eyes, and shaking their hands? No, not the mall kiosk! Yes, the trade show! The trade show: the most magical borough in the networking – advertising – brand-building metropolis.
Professional design and construction of a high-quality booth is step one. We need a polished representation of our brand to shine through in our booth. Step two is creating that “buzz” about our business that will draw foot traffic to our booth. We want our name humming throughout the show floor. We need to get people talking about our booth, and telling visitors how to get there. We accomplish this with an approach that no one can resist: TRADE SHOW BOOTH GAMES! But which games are going to get the people going? Let us examine:

  1. Prize Wheel. Is it gambling if you don’t actually wager anything? It looks like a roulette wheel a bit… What are we saying?! The prize wheel is awesome! You win something no matter what! You win every time! Plus, you get to spin it! Spin and win!
  2. Candy Jar Counter. Can you guess how many Skittle are in the gigantic jar of Skittles that you get to tote around and devour by the handful if you correctly guess how many Skittles are in the jar… of Skittles??
  3. Business Card Drawing. Big kahuna prizes at the trade show are always popular. If you’ve got a new iPad, or toolset, or big-money gift card perched atop your booth… we’re coming over, and we’re dropping business cards in the bucket.
  4. Video Games. Old school arcade video games. They’re nostalgiac, everyone loves them, and everyone wants “next”!
  5. Putting Green. If you’re a fully grown person that works a job involving the exchange of goods or services for currency… then you play golf, and you love putting greens. If you don’t play golf and hate putting greens, then you probably just came to the trade show to get out of Mom’s basement for a while.
  6. Product Demo’s & Trials. Hydraulic nail guns?! Yes, sir, I’d very much like to pump a few clips of Paslodes into that there four-by-four! The chatter will be all, “Hey have you fired off that new nail gun down the hall there?” Grown men throughout the floor, like zombies, will scuff their way to your booth at the sound of the nail gun firing. 
  7. Cash Money Cube. Customers strap goggles on and step into a tube of swirling dollar bills. Is it Friday already?! No, it’s Thursday morning at the trade show. People will come.
  8. Popcorn Machine. This is almost a “must do”. The aroma alone of warm buttered popcorn will draw a crowd.
  9. Promotional Models. Pick a game, any game… there are models. They could be playing marbles, and folks will still flock. 
  10. Hashtag Contest. You display a witty hashtag for your brand. Everyone tweets. They’ll use the tag, and you’ll draw prizes on the hour for everyone hashtagging you!

Trade show booth games are a perfect coupling for your already strong brand and image. They’ll create a warm lead, draw a crowd, and give you an opportunity to start a few conversations. 


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