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Start Setting Your Trade Show Goals Now for 2017

Everyone knows that the beginning of the year is prime trade show time, which means that the months leading up to January are the most important for planning next year’s trade show goals. You’re almost out of time to plan for 2017’s trade shows, so there’s no time like the present to prep for next year’s goals.

Being that time in the middle of fall when the holidays are around the corner, now is the perfect time to set some goals so that you can enjoy your holidays with the ease of knowing your goals are set and your 2017 trade shows can be a success. How do you go about setting your trade show goals and what goals should you have? Use this guide to start setting your trade show goals for 2017.

Decide what your objectives are

The best place to start is to narrow down what your objectives for 2017 are going to be. For some, their goal may be to increase their publicity while others just want to raise brand awareness. For some, trade shows are about launching their new products while checking out what the competition is up to.

In other cases, the objective is to gain leads or network with others in the industry for a successful year. Which objective is going to help you get your business to where it needs to go next year? Identify your objectives in order to plan for the year.

Focus on logistical and communication goals

Do you have some logistical goals in mind this year, such as better targeting your specific demographics or increasing awareness of your booth and brand before the show? Having communication goals in mind may be just what you need, from making the public known about new capabilities of your brand or influencing perceptions about your brand. While some may have objectives overall for the year, you can focus on certain goals during each trade show that will help you accomplish this year’s objectives.


Remember your ROI

The most important decision to make sure your 2017 planning is to decide what is going to give you the biggest ROI and how you are going to make it happen. If you don’t have enough leads coming in at the shows, then it’s time to re-strategize how you can get them. If you are not seeing the sales after the show, you need to work on your outreach after the trade show.

If you are trying to recover from a bad perception or people have never even heard of your brand, making your brand known for the good it is is the most important thing you can do this year. Once people learn about your brand, understand what your brand can do for them, and see why you are the right brand to do business with, it will be easy to see your objectives and goals being met for this year.

Consider if this year needs to be about improving your logistics, such as speaking at a conference, getting publicity, or demonstrating your brand’s solutions at the booth, if you need to work on the numbers such as establishing leads, getting in contact with new partners, or recruiting more staff members, or if you need to make this year about communicating your brand to customers and how you are different from the competition. Whichever area is going to bring the biggest ROI is the area that you should focus 2017 on. Use the last part of 2016 to set up your objectives, goals, and plan of action for next year’s trade shows.