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Try Something New in Trade Show Marketing

When you head off to multiple trade shows every year, it can become monotonous and tedious. The process of setting up, marketing, talking to potential customers, tearing down and moving onto the next show can become draining.

Not only can this process wear on the person running it, but it can also cause you to fall into a rut with your marketing and your design. If you’ve been using the same old things for your trade show marketing, it’s time to try something new in trade show marketing.

Give your Marketing a Facelift

Marketing before, during and after a trade show is the best way to take full advantage of the new leads you have gained. There are probably many tools in your marketing arsenal and they could probably all use a facelift. Here are a few ways you can spice things up.

Business Cards

Maybe the most popular and most necessary marketing tool, your business cards say more than you might realize. A cheaply created business card communicates the wrong message. Upgrade to something that feels good in a customer’s hand and will stand out when they have collected a stack of business cards. Choose a thicker paper, plastic or even a die-cut design.

Brochures and Posters

You probably use brochures and posters to market at the trade shows. If you do, it might be time to take a good, hard look at them. Maybe the pictures are outdated or the look just isn’t that appealing. Jazz it up with a new, fresh design for your next show.

The Giveaways

Everybody gives away pens and keychains. However, you can mix it up and give away something different. Add value by giving away a t-shirt, energy drink or something else more memorable.

There are several other ways you can spice up your marketing materials at your next trade show. Of course, it’s not just the materials that might need a facelift.

A Confident Pitch Matters

Confidence is one of the reasons some can sell and others simply cannot. You should know your pitch backward and forwards. You should also have the answers to the questions you are likely going to be asked at the next trade show you attend. When you know your pitch and you are ready for the most common questions, you will already be more confident.

Questions and Concerns at the Show Provide Valuable Insight

If you have fallen into a trade show rut, you may not be paying as much attention to the questions and concerns brought up at the shows you attend. Any questions and concerns can provide very valuable insight into our product, service and your target audience. This can lead to excellent blog post topics for your website, upgrades to your products or even complimentary products you can add to your line.

When you pay attention, you may learn more than you could have thought possible. Many companies have made very positive changes based on the questions and concerns coming from their target audience.

Trade shows are a great way to get your brand and business in front of plenty of targeted consumers. However, if you fall into doing the same old thing and using the same materials for years, you may be hurting your company more than you are helping it. Make sure you are keeping things fresh and new at your next trade show.


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