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Meet Our Team: Jeff Ocasio, Director of Quality Control and Creative Design

Tell us a little about yourself/your background and how you got into the trade show industry.

While I was studying for my Master’s Degree in creative design technology, graphic design, and animation, I came into Nimlok as a warehouse worker. This was a job that I took while finishing my Master’s so that I could do some physical work, almost meditative, while balancing out my technological design studies. When I completed my Master’s, I was offered a great position at a leading toy retailer, but our President gave me an opportunity here at Nimlok NYC to do creative work and the freedom to advance the company.

I developed leading graphic, exhibit and print departments, to expand our capabilities and give us a competitive edge. I streamlined the processes among these various groups by establishing a CRM program and a detailed quality control process so that our various teams can effectively work together. As an award-winning designer, my mind is constantly sketching and I flourish on the imagination and intensity that’s part of this industry. I continually think about and listen to our clients’ needs, taking into account their business, products and budget. We’ve had an amazing year and it shows, too, by the strong relationships we’ve developed with our clients.

Describe the design process of a typical trade show booth.

Our design process takes into account a client’s overall marketing strategy and show objectives, such as brand awareness, building relationships, etc. After determining budget and size needed, we will assess their exhibit needs, such as demo space and meeting areas. Other design factors taken into account include the desired look and feel and construction style, whether it be custom, semi-custom or a modular system. We work with clients during every step of the process, from conception to optimal graphic positioning. Our Nimlok NYC office has project management and show supervision teams that work together to manage logistics, including show planning and coordination, as well as providing install, dismantle and storage services.

What elements (colors, flooring, shape, etc.) go into designing a booth?

It really boils down to client needs and the shows that they participate in, taking into account their objectives and budget. We are able to fit a client’s budget and are resourceful with which materials are used, always producing quality work.

What sets Nimlok NYC apart from other exhibiting companies?

We are a solutions-based provider, with a wide range of capabilities. This can vary from integrating designs into the simplest offerings to the development of complex custom solutions. Besides purchase options, we have a rental solution that allows us to think outside the box. We aren’t a “one size fits all” company. Because of our Nimlok network and the awesome talent and passion that you see here, we are able to offer unique solutions in custom modular systems and branding spaces. We also have state-of-the-art graphic capabilities and pride ourselves on our seamless execution. The team here is very dedicated to excellence and client satisfaction.

Are there any new design trends you’re seeing?

Some new design trends that we’re incorporating include the use of backlit materials, such as LED edge lighting and backlit graphics. It gives a great visual aesthetic to the exhibit. It’s economical and is impactful, adding vibrancy that draws attention. Also, laser etching is gaining momentum, along with 3-D augmentation. For example, while working with a retailer, we used this tool to project clothing on model displays, helping to show their array of fashion offerings in an innovative and cost-effective way. Nimlok NYC really is a technologically forward-thinking company and we have systems in place to invite these and other leading technologies.

If you could tell a client one thing about working with a trade show booth designer what would it be?

Don’t be afraid to tell us exactly what you’re looking for – even if it is seemingly simple. Our designers and project managers strive for feedback and always have your needs in mind.

Do you have a favorite tradeshow?

The National Retail Franchise (NRF) show is a big show for us. We have many clients exhibiting there and their exhibits really have a “wow” factor. It highlights what Nimlok NYC is capable of.

What is your favorite part of designing booths with Nimlok NYC?

Our team, the family here. The creativity and collaboration among the various departments is inspiring. It is really satisfying to see how much we have grown and how adept we’ve become. Our office is made up of an incredibly talented group of professionals, giving our clients
beautiful designs, amazing products and outstanding service!