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Measuring Your Trade Show Exhibit Success in 2017

With the New Year approaching, it’s more important than ever to make sure you have a strategy for next year’s trade shows. You need to make sure you are evolving from this year’s model, finding ways to fine-tune your presentation and sales strategy, and that you are looking for ways you can improve or completely change your plans to make 2017 your best year yet.
Once you’ve done this, you can determine if your trade show exhibit is seeing success, which is found through qualified leads, through online engagement, and through show attendance. Take a look at how you’ll be able to measure your trade show exhibit success next year in order to get the biggest return on your investment.

Promotion before the show

The best place to start is to make sure you are considering how you’ll market to your target audience that you’ll be at the show and that you want them to meet with you. Investing in promotions before the show is the best way to ensure you’ll have attendees visiting your booth and without it, you could risk a low ROI.

There is no better way to do this than if you were to generate some positive press coverage before or even during the show through TV segments, a news article, or an interview with the press. You could even get press coverage after the show, and any of these possibilities are signs of a successful trade show experience for your brand

Getting quality leads

It’s important that you are gaining quality leads that you can convert to customers after the trade show. The best way to have success from the show is to gain new customers or business partnerships afterwards. While there will be people you meet with that won’t lead to anything further than small talk, it’s important that you can recognize which ones will be worth pursuing in the future

Customer interactions during the show

You’ll likely plan on having customer meetings during the trade show but having meetings or interactions set up for after the show is a sign of success. Keep track of how many meetings you had at the show and how many came as a result of the show as an indicator of exhibit success.


Online engagement

Everybody is using the internet, especially social media, as a way to communicate and stay social. If you have a great deal of interest through social media shares or likes, you are doing something right. See if you are making an impression on your customers by looking for social media activity like new followers and the use of your hashtags.

After the show

Lastly, make sure that you are doing the math to see what you spent in time and money versus what you gained for it. What was your budget on displays, services, travel, and booth space? If you gained new contracts, consider how much money you spent per contract that you acquired. How much did it cost you to get each lead?

It could take months to determine that actual ROI on your trade show exhibit, but just make sure you are taking advantage of proper promotion, client meetings, freebies that will make you memorable afterwards, and online engagement to get your brand noticed. You may find you gain more customers by working with the professionals in trade show displays that can help you really customize your display and make your brand noticed and memorable.

Use these strategies to have a successful trade show and track your success afterwards.