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Lenzing Trade Show Case Study

Client’s Comments
The booth was lovely and the graphics beautifully executed. It again was our pleasure to work with you and your team.

  • Nina Nadash, Home and Interiors, Lenzing AG


Design Challenge

The Lenzing Group is the global market leader based in Austria with production facilities in all important markets and a worldwide network of sales and marketing offices. With more than 75 years of experience in the production of high-quality, manmade cellulose fibers, the Lenzing Group is the only company worldwide combining the manufacturing of all three generations of man-made cellulose fibers on a large industrial scale under one room – from the classic viscose fibers to modal and lyocell (Tencel) fibers.

For their booth, Lenzing needed a spacious booth that embodied a sense of comfort. They also needed graphics that would not only capture their message but that would capture the attention of trade show attendees.


Design Solution

Nimlok NYC designed this sophisticated and serene booth for Lenzing. The gorgeous graphics completely capture the sense of comfort that Lenzing hoped to achieve. The goal was to create a booth that embodied a sense of relaxation and comfort to demonstrate how comfortable Tencel fibers are.

The blue and purple color scheme of the graphics creates a sense of relaxation, which was incredibly successful due to the size of the graphics and the location of those graphics on the actual booth itself. The white furniture within the booth creates a sense of professionalism while maintaining an aura of simplicity. The lighting within the booth also successfully created a sense of serenity while the additional chairs gave attendees a place to sit and relax while they talked with the Lenzing employees running the booth. Everything about Nimlok NYC’s design for this booth worked well to capture the sense of comfort that Lenzing hoped to embody.