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Large Booth, Small Booth

Advantages of both large trade show booths, and smaller options.
Architecting a large, polished trade show both isn’t just for the multi-national market leader. If you’re a mid-sized company looking to attract more attention to your brand, constructing a large, professional booth is a great angle to compete with the big boys. If you’re already a behemoth, you know that your brand deserves the largest booth, with the most insignias; it reinforces the strength of your already capable brand.

Constructing a smaller booth can be just as effective, however. Sales are all about knowing your market and trusting your business model. If the bulk of your business has been built on handshakes, and personal attention – a 10’x10’ professional booth will mirror your brand nicely.

Both large and small, a successful trade show booth should include three key elements: professional design; high-quality graphics, and the finest materials. Let’s dissect the advantages of large and small options:

Large booths (10’x20’20’x20’+)

  1. Portray your brand with clout
  2. Carry weight with (larger) accounts
  3. Deliver sense of security with your brand

Clout. Are large booths impressive? Do large booths hand out the best trinkets? Do large booths draw you in like a bug zapper? Yes, to all three. Large booths, no matter their logistic position to the main gate, will attract the most customers. Visitors talk about the big booths. With more design options, a large booth has availability to house more “conversation areas”, and create more connections.

Large accounts. If you’re a national retailer, and you’re buying your services and products from a large manufacturer/distributor – you’re expecting the best. You’re not dealing with small mom & pop’s. You’re expecting the service and reliability of the big boys. Your large accounts don’t want to walk onto the trade show floor and have to navigate the floor map to find you. They want to look up and see your insignia shining like a beacon within all the fluorescence of the room.

Security. Consumers purchase name brands because they’re established and trustworthy. They feel secure about spending their money on the big name. The large trade show booth reinforces that sense of security.


Smaller booths (10’x10’)

  1. Deliver your brand in a precise, crisp format
  2. Customers aren’t confused with large layouts
  3. More personal attention to the customer with one point of contact

Precision. A smaller trade show booth is the perfect forum for delivering a concise, straightforward pitch. Your customers are turned around, tripping over nouveau modern couch arrangements. They’re drawn directly to you, for a handshake and a rundown.

Layout. Professionally designed booths are constructed with every detail in mind. If you have a large product spread, you may need more room to broadcast your information. If you’re a company who excels with a bread-and-butter product, the layout of a smaller booth may be what you need. With a smaller booth, you’re able to accentuate what makes your brand stand-out.

Personal attention. The old-fashioned tried and true business model of a handshake and a business card will never fade. A smaller 10’x10’ booth portrays the personal touch that makes your smaller or mid-size business great.


There is a multitude of ways to establish your brand in a sea of booths at large trade shows. Choosing the right professionally designed booth for your business is all in the details.