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Investing in a Custom Modular Exhibit to Save for the Future

The trade show season is here, and it’s more important than ever to start thinking about what type of booth exhibit you are going to use. It’s too expensive to buy a new booth display each year which makes rental with a reputable trade show booth rental company a no-brainer.

This year, many are choosing to go with a custom modular exhibit because of its many benefits and a great investment. What are some of the benefits behind the custom modular exhibit? Take a look at why you’ll want to go this route and how it can save you for the future.

It’s easy to transport

One of the biggest perks of the custom modular exhibit is that it’s easier to transport than other displays. They are setup for easier assembly, disassembly, and transportation while being user-friendly for handling. Everything is easy to put together and add or subtract shelves, lighting, and more.

It’s fully customizable

You’ll love this option if you are looking for easy customization. Being able to customize your display to stand out from other brands and to have a different look and feel at each show is a big perk. The draw to custom exhibits is to be unique at trade shows and modular exhibits offer a full customization opportunity.


Change up your configuration, hang up various branding details, and customize your text for each show. Highlight new products with lighting and shelving configurations while having each display built to your specific needs through your trusted trade show rental company.

It’s more versatile and durable

You can count on not only a more durable display but also one that is more versatile. You’ll be able to work well in almost any space since you are setting up each piece to suit your product needs and the space you’re working with.

Rearrange it depending on how much room you have on the floor or depending on the flow of traffic. You’ll love the versatility of these booths as well as the durability despite repeated assembly and disassembly. Since they are made out of high-end materials like aluminum or fiberglass, they can be used over and over again while looking great each time.

It’ll save you money

You’ll love how cost-effective the custom modular exhibit is compared to other models. Despite being high-quality and durable, they are actually lightweight displays that make it cost-effective to create and rent to you. Traditional frames and panels are much heavier and more expensive. You’ll be using a unit with less material that was easier to produce, saving you money.


Is it a good investment?
Whether you rent or buy your custom modular exhibit, you’ll find that this is a great setup for a customized booth experience. Most buy their custom booth to be used for the next two years, and this is one that can be modified multiple times in that timeframe.

You can change up the shelving for new products or have it customized to best display your most popular products. This type of display won’t have you regretting it in the next couple of years since it’s so versatile and easily customizable while leaving you plenty of room for demonstrations, workstations, or presentations.

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