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Incorporating Snapchat Into Your Trade Show Experience

You’ve already grown accustomed to updating your Facebook status, your Instagram feed, and Tweeting during trade shows, but have you tried using Snapchat? This popular social media platform is becoming the new go-to for trade show exhibitors to keep audiences in the loop about the experience.

It’s another way to spread the news that you’re at the trade show, that you’re meeting great new contacts, and how the experience is going from behind the scenes to the end of the show. Use it to introduce your staff through a short video, show off a product demo, or give a tour of your booth. You may even want to use it to offer incentives to attendees. Take a look at how you can incorporate Snapchat into your trade show experience this year.

Get started with Snapchat

You can create a brand account in order to promote your presence, create important content, and cross-promote your content to other social media sites. Knowing that the core audience is primarily teens and young adults, this is perfect for those that are trying to reach this demographic.

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On the other hand, knowing that most users are women will make it easy for those that want to reach this target audience when it comes to decision-making on products in this industry. You’ll be able to reach up to 26 million users on the social media platform and it’s perfect for trade shows since you can quickly send photos and videos showing off your booth, your products, and your experience at the show.

How to incorporate it at the next trade show

Now that you’ve set up your account, it’s time to strategize how you will incorporate it into the next trade show. Avoid oversharing and make sure to find a healthy balance of promotion and fun snaps. You may think sharing hundreds of snaps a day is smart since that is common among other users, but you’ll end up overwhelming your audience.

Promote yourself through Snapchat, your website, and other social media platforms by saving your snaps and sharing them on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites where your audience may not be using Snapchat. Then start taking plenty of pictures and videos to be able to share an authentic version of your brand and trade show experience. You won’t have to worry about professional-looking, filtered photos like you’re used to on Instagram, but rather candid and current images and videos to connect with your audience.

Ways to use Snapchat at the shows

You’ll love being able to introduce your staff through short videos and hilarious headshots using filters like bunny ears puppy faces. You’ll find that bringing some fun and humor into your snaps will make you more relatable and make your attendees want to stop by your booth. Show off the product demos as a sneak peek on SnapChat to encourage more attendees to get a real-life presentation by stopping by. You’ll also find it helpful to give a tour of the show so that they know what to expect or so that your potential customers will feel more prepared and excited to pay a visit to the trade show to see it for themselves. You may even find it useful to make a story with pictures and videos from setup to the end of each day which can be available for 24 hours after posting. Otherwise, Snapchat is designed to have videos and pictures sent out into the world to self-destruct 10 seconds after a recipient views it.

Lastly, make sure to use Snapchat to your advantage by using it for promotions and giveaway campaigns, for building relationships by thanking your booth visitors through special photo snaps with a caption and offering discounts for those that reach out to you over social media.

You’ve already loved connecting with your audience on Facebook and Twitter, but have you started utilizing Snapchat yet? Being able to share authentic content, regular updates, and quirky filters to show off your brand’s personality will make social media engagement during the trade shows this year easier than ever. Be sure to rent your custom booth that incorporates a charging station so that your attendees can recharge their devices while hearing about your latest products.