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Importance of Trade Show Lighting

Lighting has the ability to set the mood within a room or at a trade show. When you use specific colors and types of lights, it communicates a different type of message to those attending the trade show. Creating the right type of mood for your brand and products will make a big difference.

There are several reasons why lighting is important at a trade show. Many companies miss the opportunity to create the right mood and communicate the right message with appropriate lighting. Here are some of the things you should know about trade show lighting before you design your next exhibit.

Types of Lighting

Understanding the major types of lighting used at trade shows will help you choose the right light for your needs. There are four major types including:

  • High Activity Lighting – This type of lighting is used to draw attention. It may be used to direct trade show attendees to a product or a special event.
  • Case and Shelf Lighting – Traditional to a retail environment, case and shelf lighting provides a way to spotlight specific products or information at a trade show.
  • Accent Lighting – Showing off special features or communicating an important message with signage is usually done through accent lighting.
  • Ambient Lighting – Ambient lighting is the main lighting used in an event or exhibit. It sets the mood for attendees.

Understanding the main types of lighting you will be using within your exhibit will help you make the right decisions.

Lighting for Pictures and Film

Many trade shows are photographed and filmed. If you choose the wrong lighting, your exhibit may not look the way you prefer or it may get cut from the pictures or film. Make sure you consider lighting conducive to pictures and film.

What Trade Show Lighting Does for Your Exhibit

When you choose the right type of lighting for your trade showed exhibit, you gain many advantages. Lighting for trade shows isn’t one-size-fits-all, however. It’s important to match the correct lighting with the correct exhibit. When this happens, some of the benefits you gain from lighting include:

  • Helps to define your brand and overall image
  • Encourages attendees to visit or exhibit and even make a purchase
  • Creates visual enhancements for products and important information
  • Allows attendees to enjoy a better experience

The right type of lighting will make a huge difference and it’s vitally important to the overall design of your trade show exhibit.

The Evolution of Your Lighting

Your trade show exhibit may change over time. As your exhibit changes, your lighting needs to evolve to match your new design. It’s important to start from scratch and come up with a new lighting strategy with every new design.

You don’t want to be a company missing out on the opportunity to highlight your trade show exhibit with the right lighting. Trade show lighting is very important. If you’re not sure how to design the right exhibit or add the perfect lighting, hire a professional. Hiring a pro will ensure you have the opportunity to gain the highest ROI at every trade show you attend.

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