Trade Show Tips

How You Can Attract The Right Trade Show Attendees

People attend trade shows for a variety of reasons. Newcomers may be thrilled at the prospect of exploring their first trade show, while regulars tend to have a routine they stick to — and if you’re not a part of their plan, it can be difficult to convince them. Use these four tactics to attract the right trade show attendees to your booth for every show on your schedule.


Not all events are appropriate for your brand. When planning out your trade show schedule, research which events may deliver the most ROI. Look at a list of past show attendees and other companies showings, speakers, and seminars to get an idea as to the type of information and audience at that show. Be sure to also stay up to date on current industry trends as those can impact the quantity and quality of trade show guests, which in turn can impact your ROI.


Keep your current and past customers up to date with your trade show attendance by sending out emails and social media posts with your booth number. This is also a great way to start breaking the ice with cold leads by sending out prospect emails to attendees you want to meet at the show. Send them an email with your booth number and a few details about your product or service to capture their interest.


The center of any trade show attendance is the booth. Your booth is what tells the story of your brand and product or service. However, each element of your exhibit should be well thought out to help move you toward achieving your show goals. When trying to bring in the right potential clients or partners, a strategically designed booth will give you a clear advantage over the competition. Keep your target audience in mind when working with a custom booth builder so they know how to incorporate that goal into their design.


If you want to promote a product or specific services, it should be the center point of your booth so you can capture attendees’ attention. Working with an experienced trade show display builder will help accomplish this by designing a booth that puts your product or service front and center so it is clear from the show floor what you are offering.

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