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How to Speak to your Trade Show Customers on the Exhibit Floor

You can show up with the best exhibit at the trade show, provide all kinds of marketing materials and still fail to gain a positive ROI. Usually, this happens when your staff isn’t prepared to speak with trade show customers on the exhibit floor.

After you attract people to your exhibit, your job isn’t over. Your trade show staff still needs to be well trained on how to properly speak to your prospects and properly qualify leads on the trade show floor. If they cannot do this, you might decide trade shows are not worth the investment, even though, they really are worth every penny.


Prospecting at Trade Shows

Speaking with potential prospects at trade shows is vital to your overall success. If your staff cannot handle the exhibit floor, they don’t belong at the trade show. This is their chance to shine and make your company look great in the process. Here are a few excellent tips to help you and your staff talk with prospects on the exhibit floor:

Make sure you appear confident and comfortable – A big part of confidence on the exhibit floor is knowledge of the product or service. If your trade show staff doesn’t know what they are selling, it’s not easy for them to sell it. Make sure they are fully trained and understand the product/service inside and out.

Listen – We have two ears and one mouth, which matters on the trade show floor. Make sure you listen twice as much as you speak. Prospects will qualify themselves if you just close your mouth and listen to what they have to say.

Use a Lead Form for Note Taking – Whenever possible, you want to take notes about the prospect you’re speaking with. These notes can easily be put on a lead form and make it easier when it’s time to follow up.

Treat Others as you want to be Treated – If you’re rude or make assumptions about a potential prospect, you will put them off. How would you like to be treated if you’re walking up to a company’s booth at the trade show? Make sure you provide respect and treat everybody with the dignity they deserve.

While the pitch you train your staff to use is important, they also need to know how to go from the pitch to a real, human conversation about the product or service. People can tell when it’s all just rehearsed and scripted. Good trade show staff members will know how to turn off the script and listen to the prospect’s needs and wants.

Getting the Most out of Every Potential Lead

Trade shows are a great place to build a list of qualified prospects. However, it’s important to understand, not everybody you speak with will become a qualified prospect. When you create the pitch you want your staff to use, make sure it’s designed to quickly qualify a lead or disqualify them. The last thing you want is for your staff to waste time on the exhibit floor as potential buyers walk by.

If you want to get the most out of your trade show experience, you need more than just a well-designed booth. The exhibit will draw them in, but you have to be able to speak to customers on the exhibit floor if you plan to turn them into leads or even buyers. Use the tips above and make sure you train your trade show staff thoroughly or you might not get the results you really desire.

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