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How To Perform A Trade Show Audit For Your Business

Performing an audit of your trade show exhibit is important for your business. You can audit your trade show program to make sure you are seeing the best return on your investment while gaining results that will help you see where you could improve and what you are already doing right. Not only should you perform an audit that will measure your staff performance and measure your effectiveness, but you can do a visual audit to learn from a third-party perspective as well.


Take a look at how you can go about auditing your trade show exhibits to make sure your business is performing its best.

Why change is a good thing

Sometimes brands get accustomed to one way of doing things and they don’t realize how they could improve or save financially. Analyzing your trade show performance means that you can directly see where you could improve in efficiency, effectiveness, or financial spending.

For example, why do you continue to ship your trade show booth when you could simply rent the perfect display for each show? Measuring the things you ship, the performance of your staff, and every way you spend time or money will help you to see how well you are managing each area in order to get the expert advice you need on how to improve.

Measuring up your effectiveness

First, you’ll want to look at everything you’ve shipped to each trade show in order to determine if it’s really needed. Do you need to ship all of that literature, treats, giveaways, the refrigerator used to offer cold beverages and more to the trade show in order to be successful?

Next, look at how well your staff performs at the shows. Even if they have been working trade shows for years, you may find that it’s time for a fresh perspective, a new personality, or a better approach. Make sure your staff is engaging, rather than sitting back and taking breaks too often. You should have training in place before the show to make sure your staff is effective and don’t be afraid to get them engaged on social media to encourage attendance.

Measure everything you can from budget items to the number of leads collected. You need to be able to measure everything in order to manage it and find ways to improve it. Neglecting to analyze your return and just attending each show because you’ve always done it in the past is not going to help you improve next time. Your budget or effectiveness could improve with ways to measure everything set up in advance.

Doing a visual audit

A visual audit will help you to get another perspective on your trade show performance. Setting up your booth is hard but it often leads to neglecting to see what the competition is doing and what your customers are seeing. Your customers get marketing before the show, they see the ads in their email, they experience your booth and social media updates, and they see what your competition is doing comparatively.

Having someone in place to do a visual audit for you will help to see beyond the booth, to help you understand how effective your brand is at the show and to learn from a third-party perspective. Make sure to send a creative director, a seasoned designer, or a trade show veteran that can notice trends, look for nuances, and watch for what stands out between the booth designs, the clothing, the interactive tools, and the traffic flow.

While you have someone doing your visual audit, be sure to take the initiative yourself by getting feedback from friends in the industry at the show, talking to your vendors, studying the content from the conference, and trying to win any trade show awards that you can display at future shows to show you’ve been recognized among those in the industry.

Once you’ve done a thorough audit of your trade show performance, you’ll find it easy to make the adjustments to improve going forward. Use these tips to find ways to be more effective and financially-savvy when it comes to trade shows this year. Contact Nimlok NYC for help with your next trade show booth and make sure you get the best bang for your buck!