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How to Make Trade Show Planning Less Stressful

Are you feeling stressed about planning your upcoming trade show? It can feel overwhelming and stress is likely to find its way into your mind. Not only is stress likely to happen, but you can count on it to happen when it comes to planning any type of meeting or event. Stress can’t be avoided when you are trying to coordinate the logistics of an event and trade show planning is no different.

You are likely concerned about how all of the moving pieces are going to come together, how you will impress your audience at the show, and whether or not you’ll be successful after the show has come and gone. There are a few ways to beat the stress during the planning process, from exercise to sleep, to relaxing treats, and even some sunshine. Take a look at these trade show planning tips to beat the stress.

Get moving around

A good place to start to fight stress at any time in life is to get exercising. Taking a walk outside to get yourself moving and enjoying some vitamin D is the perfect way to beat the stress. For those staying in a hotel room before the show, try doing some yoga in the room to keep yourself feeling peaceful before the event. You can try some of the basic poses for around 20 minutes with relaxing music using a yoga app and you’ll find that you can go into trade show day feeling zen.

Enjoy a treat

Sometimes consuming a hot herbal tea or a piece of local chocolate may be just what the doctor ordered. Buy some local chocolate and take the time to enjoy it to relax yourself before the show. Enjoy an herbal tea will help you stay hydrated and choosing a relaxing flavor like chamomile will help you get a good night sleep the night before. Another unusual choice could be enjoying a social beer with friends, to help you relax and take your mind off of the show while enjoying some social support before the big event.

Breathe and meditate

While you’re likely to think about your breathing during your exercise and meditation during yoga, make sure you take the time to do these things before the show. Meditation can happen any time, whether it’s waiting for the show to begin or waiting for your bag at the airport baggage claim.

Some people find that a swim in the hotel pool is a great detox and chance for meditation before a stressful meeting and practicing breathing exercises before sleeping is a great way to prevent stress.


While in your hotel room, be sure to use a foam roller to help the tight spots in your back. You can also get a professional massage before and after your event, likely in the hotel spa or from your spouse if he or she has travelled with you. This is a great way to reduce stress and it will be a great way to detox after the show.

Simplicity in your exhibit

The easiest way to fight the stress for your upcoming booth is to work with the professionals in trade show success. Renting a customized rental exhibit will ensure that your booth represents your company well, is done professionally, and keeps the work off of your plate and given to the professionals in trade show design.

While stress is inevitable during trade show planning, you can use these stress busters to stay cool, calm, and collected for the upcoming trade show.


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