Trade Show Tips

How to Improve Your Exhibit Staff Engagement

For trade show attendees, walking around the show floor can lead to sensory overload. With hundreds of exhibitors vying for the attention of the same audience, it’s all the more critical for booth staff to focus on why they are exhibiting in the first place — to build lasting connections with customers.

In order to effectively engage with new prospects, your trade show booth staff must be, you guessed it, engaging. Ahead, we share tips your booth staff can implement to put your brand’s best foot forward and help achieve your face-to-face marketing program goals.

Be ready to engage passersby who display interest

One of the most fundamental mistakes that staffers working trade show booths make is not engaging with attendees until they come into the booth and approach them. This translates into missed opportunities for an important touchpoint, especially with attendees who may be shy or aren’t sure how to communicate what they’re looking for.

Instead, train your staff to independently work the edges of your booth and initiate conversations with passersby. Too many staffers at a booth can also be intimidating for attendees. If your booth feels overcrowded with members of your team, consider taking shifts where a handful of staffers remain at the booth and others walk the show floor to research the competition.

Focus on questions that spark discussion

During event preparation, management will oftentimes provide booth staffers with a list of questions to ask attendees that lean heavily on yes/no answers. Such as, “Are you familiar with our products?” or “Have you seen a demonstration of this product before?” These questions provide a natural endpoint to the conversation and make it easier for attendees to answer and move on.

Instead, train your staff to ask questions that require the other party to elaborate on their answers. This will most often shed light on their pain points and make it easier to align your product or service with their needs.

Resist the urge to be on your phone

Your staff may know the in’s and out’s of your marketing message and have the right demeanor when engaging with prospects, but that can all be derailed by overuse of smartphones within the booth. Unless the use of a smartphone is absolutely necessary (for example, if social media posting in real-time is part of your marketing strategy), make it a mission to have your booth be a “No Tech Zone.”

Instead, develop a schedule to give your staff breaks so they can step away from the booth and use their phones to check messages at leisure. This will help ensure your staff remains focused on connecting with attendees.

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