Trade Show Tips

Retail Therapy: How to Immerse Trade Show Attendees in a Store-like Experience

The most successful retailers use innovative in-store experiences to create lifetime customers. In many ways, this strategy can be adopted into trade show exhibits to help make a distinct impression on attendees and to form lasting connections.

Here, we share several ways to transform your trade show exhibit into a store-like experience for your audience.

Allow the booth to tell your brand story

Think about the way you feel when you walk into a store such as Anthropologie or Sephora: immediately, the colors, displays, smells, and sensations let you know that you’re in a space controlled by that brand. Your booth can serve the same function. Work with a design team with the capability to construct a space from the ground up that will evoke the right emotion you want customers to experience when interacting with your brand.

Strategic Product Displays and Product Placement

We’ve all experienced retail stores where the products are in disarray and clutter creating the feeling of sensory overload. Quality retailers, however, arrange their products in a way that not only looks inviting but allows customers to absorb the perceived value of a product in a short amount of time. Creatively displaying your products in a way that reflects your brand will positively influence the recall attendees have with your company long after the show has ended.  

In addition to the featured products, the displays themselves will also lend to the feeling of being in an actual store. Utilize options such as shadow boxes, branded kiosks, custom shelving units, and strategically placed lighting accents. Combine these displays with stunning graphics to enhance the overall shopping experience. An experienced trade show design and production company will be able to create a space with these unique customizations that will empower you to achieve your show goals.

Use Blended Experiences to Create Engagement Opportunities

Exceptional retail experiences are active rather than passive. They encourage buyers and the brand to meet each other halfway in order to form a connection. Start by welcoming each of your guests, and help them get started on their journey with your product. The use of interactive platforms, such as social media and virtual reality, can help tell your brand story.

Nimlok NYC is a full-service exhibit solutions provider that helps exhibitors deliver value-added trade show experiences. Contact our team today to learn how our design consultants can help you create a custom trade show booth that is evocative of your brand and immerses attendees into an outstanding retail store journey that they won’t forget.