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How to Get into the Trade Show Marketing Mindset

Trade shows may be the key to capturing more leads, generating more sales and ultimately making more money for your business. They provide a great place to meet your target market and generate interest in your brand. However, if you don’t get into the trade show marketing mindset, you may not get the results you desire.

Marketing for a trade show is a bit different than traditional marketing. Since the show provides a limited timeframe, you have to market specifically for the show. It’s really not as easy as just setting up a booth. Here are some of the things you should know about the trade show marketing mindset.

Time is Important

Trade show attendees want to see as much as possible in the limited time they have. If you waste their time, they won’t be very happy. On the other hand, your time is important, too. Don’t waste it with unqualified visitors.

A Marathon, not a Sprint

Trade shows may seem like they go by fast, but they are two, three or four days long. This is a long amount of time to stand and to meet potential clients as you try to collect information and give demonstrations. You will field hundreds of questions or the same questions hundreds of times. Make sure you’re ready for each day of the show.

Over Prepared Isn’t a Thing

In the normal world, over preparing may be a thing, but with trade shows, there’s no such thing. You need to be as prepared as possible to step into the show, gather leads, make sales and show off your brand. Make sure you have thought of both minor and major things from the graphics of your booth to the training of your staff.

Trade Show Discussion is Very Powerful

Trade shows may only last a few days, but the discussion will start weeks before the show and continue for weeks after. You want to be a part of this discussion with show hashtags on social media, plenty of pictures and videos for sharing and something your competition doesn’t have. The more social media friendly you are, the better chance you will be a part of the discussion early and after the show.

Stop Them in Their Tracks

You are not setting up shop by yourself and you are not unique just by your business or product alone. You are going to be among the top competitors in your industry and you have to stand out. When a booth stops people dead in their tracks, it’s powerful. Make sure you create a way to stop people in their tracks and then have a good marketing message to use to draw them in.

When the Show Ends, Your Work is Just Beginning

It might be a ton of work at the show, but when it’s over, you still have plenty of work to do. Coming back to the office with thousands of new leads may seem like you’ve done your job, but you need to start following up immediately. It’s a race with your competitors and they probably have plans to follow up within 24 to 48 hours.

Getting in the right mindset for your next trade show makes a difference. Use this information to lay out a strategic plan and get yourself and your team in the right mindset for trade show marketing.


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