Trade Show Tips

How to End a Dead-End Conversation

A great salesperson can always find meaningful ways to engage with a prospective client. On the trade show floor, however, not all conversations are good for business. By knowing how to gently and politely disengage from these conversations, you can better focus on generating new leads.

1. Create an Out

While working the trade floor, the goal for most businesses is to communicate about product and service offerings with as many potential clients as possible, which means you need to maximize every second. One way to disengage from a conversation, when you know it has hit a wall, is by designating a hand signal among your staff members that the conversation is going nowhere. This will alert another employee to step in and subtly break up the conversation so you can move on.

2. Offer Them Something

Draw a conversation to a polite close by thanking the person for their time and either offering them a business card, company “swag,” or directing them to sign up for a giveaway or event you are hosting later in the evening.

3. Suggest Another Company

There are few instances where you’d want to send a lead to your competition, but it’s also important to know when something simply isn’t a fit. During your trade show, you may encounter attendees that are interested in a product or service but don’t match the right criteria to become a customer. In those cases, don’t be afraid to refer them to another booth that may be a better fit.

4. Suggest a Hot Spot

Suggesting other areas worth checking out around the convention center is a great way to wrap up a conversation. Directing them to a “must see” attraction or areas of the convention center that they haven’t seen yet are other great ways to politely end the conversation.

5. Hand Them Off

If there is potential to convert a lead, consider referring the person to a colleague who can speak more about your company’s services or goods. Maybe there’s another staff member at your booth who can better answer the attendee’s questions; don’t be afraid to shift the conversation over to someone else. Just be sure to have a plan in place to accomplish this so the attendee doesn’t feel slighted during the handoff.

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