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How to Drive More Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth Part 2

When it feels like you’ve tried everything to make your trade show booth a popular stop in the day and nothing seems to be working, it’s time to think outside the box. What are you doing or not doing that is causing traffic to miss your booth?
You’ve tried to get the word out to your customers, you’ve changed up your booth to improve from last year, and you’ve brought a great attitude, but it just hasn’t been enough. When you’ve tried all of the classic ways to drive more traffic, you can try some of these unique ways that others have found success with.

Start sending E-vites

If you’ve tried setting appointments and getting the word out on social media, maybe this time you should try sending eBlasts or email invitations. Before the show, make sure you utilize your mailing list to spread the word. Type your emails and change the wording each time to show that you aren’t sending out a default email. Make sure your mailing list can sense your enthusiasm and appreciates your creativity in each invitation to the show.

Get on Twitter’s Vine

If you haven’t tried Vine through Twitter yet, this is the perfect excuse. Using Vine is a great way to stand out on the feed. It’s a free app that help you create short videos and post them instantly. You can basically tweet with a video to talk about the upcoming show or to do live videos from the show during demos and to show off your booth.

Come up with incentives

Have you tried offering incentives to your loyal customers? Use the trade show to reward those that take time out of their day to visit you at the show. Feel free to announce them in advance on your Facebook page or website. When people know that you are providing product samples, food, or other fun incentives, they are more likely to prioritize your booth.

Utilize technology like QR Codes, Wi-Fi hotspots, games, and iPads

Technology is your friend at the trade shows this year. Before the show, mail out your information with a QR code that will link your customers to your promotional materials. It could be their way to register for the event or to see a video on what to expect. Offer games

At the show, you can offer a Wi-Fi hotspot and carry around an iPad. Create a broadband cellular hot spot with MiFi that will give internet access to up to 10 devices at a time for just $50 per month. Use your iPad to make it easier than ever to pull up contracts, product pricing, photos, and interactive presentations that can be used at the show.

Show off your technology through the use of games, arcades, or anything where the customer is going to say “WOW!”


Choose a great outfit, have some fun, and offer food

Everybody is going to be rocking their business suit and it’s too easy to blend in. Why not change up your attire to stand out? Whether it’s a hilarious sweater, bright colored pants, or an interesting hat, doing something that makes you stand out and relates to your brand may be what draws the crowd to you.

People may also smell the delicious food coming from your booth or notice your fun and positive vibes from across the room. When you show energy, positivity, colorful attire, and a smile, people will have no choice but to stop by and kill their curiosity.

Make a custom booth that is simple

Perhaps you’ve never tried a custom booth before that best displays what your brand is all about. Talk to the professionals at NimlokNYC about a custom booth rental and then design it to be simple and feel more relaxed than other booths.

Choose zen colors like blue, add soft lighting, bring in fresh flowers, and offer some relaxing music. When people notice that your booth is like a peaceful oasis away from the chaos of the room, they will have no choice but to take a break and meet you.


Work on your brand experience, giveaways, and simpler pitch

Lastly, make sure you are upping the game when it comes to the brand experience people get at the trade show. Work on your pitch and make sure it’s not overly complicated, and then leave your guests with a giveaway that they can remember you by. People love free stuff, a simple but exciting pitch, and to get the brand experience in a short time that makes you memorable and makes them feel that they understand your brand’s message.

Use these fun and unique tips to really increase traffic at your booth after you feel like you’ve already tried all of the old tricks in the book!

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