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How to Drive More Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth Part 1

When you’re preparing for a trade show, you are likely considering ways to improve the level of traffic at your booth. What tactics can you use to drive more traffic to your booth that you haven’t tried before? There are always new ways to go about this and you may or may not have known about all these strategies before. Whether you’ve never heard of these ideas or you weren’t doing them properly, here is a look at some excellent ways to drive more traffic to your trade show booth this year.
Work on your signage

Maybe your booth hasn’t had great signage and you hadn’t really thought of it before. Your signage is like your first impression and attendees that see booth after booth will notice if yours shines. It doesn’t have to be flashy or even expensive, but it does need to be descriptive and easy to understand. Don’t force attendees to have to seek out information because your signs aren’t clear. Grab attention of your audience, make it clear what you sell, and go farther than just a company name.


Come up with a demonstration

Maybe you feel awkward at shows because you don’t know what to do with your hands or how to start a conversation. It might be time for a demonstration of your products or services. Come up with planned demos or a presentation schedule that will make it easy for people to see what you do. If you have customers coming in to meet with you, you could have them stop in during a scheduled demo. Have some seating available and grab email addresses for those that want a copy of the presentation.

Offer a charging station

One trick that may surprise you is that if you were to offer a charging station at your booth, you may find that attendees that need a battery boost on their phones just make the time to stop and see you. Even if they hadn’t noticed you before, they will notice when a charging station is offered and they will make the time to stop by if needed.

All you have to do is bring a couple of power strips, a table, and a sign promoting your charging station. You can get a multi-charger for less than $50 that will charge up to 6 devices at one time. While people are charging up, take the time to chat and find out what brought them to the show in case your company would be a good fit for their needs.


Make appointments in advance

It’s handy to be able to meet with current or prospective customers at trade shows because it will encourage others to come talk to you too. Set appointments to meet at the show in advance in order to increase the likelihood of other traffic and to make sure you are using the time wisely while you’re there. If people didn’t know about the show, calling in advance also gets the message out there.

Use social media to spread the word

Spreading the word on social media will help get the word out too. Use social media, especially Twitter, where you can add hashtags about the upcoming show. At the show, you can use hashtags about your freebies, your new product launch, drawings, giveaways, and the happenings of the show. You may convince more customers to stop out if you are live tweeting about the event.

Use these ideas to make sure you are driving more traffic to your trade show booth and read on to part 2 next week for even more unique ideas! In the meantime, contact Nimlok NYC for more information on what we can do to help you get more foot traffic to your presentation!

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