Trade Show Booth Design

How to Develop the Right Trade Show Strategy Based on Your Show Goals

Attending a trade show is an effective way to meet your company’s goals. Those particular goals fuel the trade show strategy that you develop so they are more easily met. Below are the most common trade show goals and key elements to keep in mind when developing your strategy.

1. Bringing New Products to Market

When your company is one of many introducing a new product at the same event, you’ll need to consider how to stand out from your competition and any neighboring booths. Compelling visuals are key to capturing the attention of passersby on the show floor, but oftentimes this booth element is overlooked. Video presentations, product demos and/or free samples supporting this goal are other memorable ways to share the benefits of your new product.

2. Generating New Leads

In order to spur growth and brand awareness, you can’t rely solely on your current customers. Generating new leads is the fuel that grows business. You need to be able to capture those new leads by relating to the customer’s needs and showing how you are different from competitors with a similar offering.

One of the best ways to capture leads is by making it easy for attendees to provide information. Quick and effective ways to obtain new leads include scanners to scan trade show badges (your show may rent them), incentivize with a giveaway, and utilize iPads or tablets so your staff can quickly capture information and save to a database for later follow up.

3. Increasing Brand Awareness

To achieve this goal, create consistency and a memorable experience with your brand. From the marketing materials you hand out to the company’s website, consistency is vital in solidifying awareness and increasing the likelihood that your brand is remembered. Consider the elements of your brand that can be leveraged to create to a compelling, memorable and lively experience.

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