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How to Decide if a Trade Show Booth Rental is Right for You

When it comes to this year’s trade show exhibitions, you need to decide how you are going to handle your rented space. Are you going to buy a trade show booth that will cost you a great deal in the budget, limiting your options on product displays, or will you go with a booth rental that you can change up for each upcoming show?

You may be struggling to decide between investing in a booth that you’ll own going forward and just rent for each show for more variety. Take a look at this guide that will help you determine if renting your trade show booth is the right move.

What is your purpose?

The first place to start is to think about your purpose with these upcoming trade shows. Are you going to the trade show with the purpose of learning more about the industry? Are you there to launch a new product? Are you simply trying to make more sales or get your brand out there to the public? Once you’ve determined your objective, it’ll be easier to make decisions on the booth.

What are the options

Next, look at what your options include. Do some research on the newest trade shows and the upcoming calendar of event. Look at what trade shows you want to attend for your industry and find out if you can get into the show. Once you’ve determined what shows you’ll be attending, it may be easier to decide on what type of space you’re able to snag and what types of trade show booths would make sense for your needs throughout the year.

You may find that renting is easier when you can get different shapes and sizes depending on the show you’re attending. Renting gives you much more flexibility to get into different available spots in a show without feeling forced to get a spot that accommodates the booth display that you already own.

Look at the timeline, budget, and space availability

If you’re on a tight timeline, it would be better to rent with a reputable company like Nimlok NYC that can help you accommodate your booth space and deliver the booth to the exhibit so that you don’t have to arrange to ship. You’ll find that renting is much more affordable than buying, which is especially important during a time that you are paying for travel expenses, hotel rates, transportation, and daily food budgets for you and your staff.

Make sure that if you are going to sign up for a show, that it makes sense for your customer’s buying patterns for this time of year, that you’ll have a product to debut, and that you can afford the costs financially and with your time that will go into the show. Make sure you have a plan of how you will display your exhibit within the space you are able to get, which will be much easier to configure with a rental that fits the specific space rather than with an existing booth layout you own.

Think about your audience

You’ll want to consider the audience you are trying to reach in your decision. Will your audience appreciate a consistent booth display that they see every time you attend a trade show, or are they looking for an ever-changing display of new products, a new look, and a new message from your brand at each show?

If you think your audience would love the variances of your display and look forward to the newness of what you’re bringing to each show, go with the booth rental and keep them looking forward to what’s coming next.

Why rentals are always a good idea

If you’re still not sure about a booth rental, take a look at the pros of booth rentals vs. buying a booth:

  • You’ll save money renting vs. buying.
  • You can utilize your budget for things like graphics and giveaways.
  • You’ll have more flexibility depending on the audience you expect because renting allows you to change up your structure and graphics for each show’s vibe.
  • You get to try out a display before buying it.
  • You don’t have to install and disassemble a rental.
  • You don’t have to pay for storage of your booth.
  • You can attend multiple trade shows at once.

Booth rentals are for those that want options, want to work within a budget, want things to be simpler, and want to focus their attention on other matters in the trade show. These are the reasons why you may want to consider a trade show booth rental for this year’s trade shows.