Trade Show Tips

How to Choose the Right Shows to Attend

Small businesses often use trade shows to expand into new markets or increase their return on investment (ROI). Determining the right shows to attend improves the outcome of your goals. Use the following tips as a guideline to help you choose.

1. Know Your Show Goals

Define your show goals by outlining what you want to accomplish. Do you want to highlight a new service or product and generate sales? Or, are you more interested in increasing awareness of your company? Do you want to strengthen the relationships you have with your current customers, or are you more focused on getting new leads?

2. Timing is Important

A show might seem like the perfect fit, but it could be difficult to pull off if the timing isn’t right. Other events that your business is involved in that occur too close to a show’s date can stretch your company’s budget and staff too thin — especially if you are a small business that’s already running lean. The timing of the show is also important in terms of your customers’ buying patterns. Will you have something new to capture their attention? Is it the wrong time of the year for people to think about your company’s products and services?

3. Working with Your Budget

A trade show that looks perfect in every aspect isn’t going to be worth attending if your budget doesn’t allow you to put your best foot forward. When you establish a budget, make sure you’re including all the expenses involved in attending it: booth purchase or rental, travel and related expenses, booth design, shipping and show services. You’ll also want to add a cushion for unexpected expenses.

4. Know Your Attendees

The biggest trade show in your industry might look tempting but if the attendees don’t align with your goals, it probably isn’t worth investing the money to exhibit. If you aren’t sure if a show makes sense for your business, consider going to the event as an attendee to scope it out and determine if it’s a fit for the following year. Take this opportunity to see what your competitors are doing and meet new prospects through organic conversations while walking the show floor.

At Nimlok NYC, we understand that attending a show is a big investment for large and small businesses alike. As a full-service exhibit provider, we work with companies to ensure their budgets are used wisely, developing trade show strategies that generate results. See how Nimlok NYC can assist with your next trade show appearance by contacting us.