Modular Displays

How Custom Modular Booths can Scale with your Business

If you’re thinking over the options for your next trade show booth rental, you may want to put a custom modular booth at the top of your list. These are becoming the stars of trade show booth displays, making brands stand out among the competition on the sales floor.


With so many trade shows to look forward to this year, you’ll regret not choosing a custom modular display at least once. Not only do they allow for large graphics and more flexible display options, but they are easier to customize and scale. Take a closer look at what a modular display can do for you and how to benefit from them at your upcoming trade shows.

Benefits of a custom modular booth

Custom modular booths have many benefits compared to traditional booth displays. They are one of the most customizable options that can be designed specifically for your brand’s needs. Instead of buying a single trade show booth display that can’t be altered, you’ll actually find it more affordable to go with a custom display that can be altered to your needs for each specific trade show. They are also easy to scale because they are made up of various components that can be added or removed depending on your display needs.

They are not only more affordable with the customizable options and scalability, but they allow for you to use one piece of equipment at multiple shows while offering a different look and feel at every single one. It’s a smarter way to handle trade shows and you’ll have the space to use large graphics showing off your brand’s image. If you purchase the modular display, you can take it back to your storefront or retail lobby for your display needs before packing it back up for a trade show weekend.

Types of modular displays

You can choose from a couple of styles of modular displays that will allow you to customize your display from show to show. One option is the off-the-shelf modular display that ranges from 10’ x 10’ inline sizes to 20’ x 20’ for an island exhibit, both allowing for an easy way to reconfigure your display for each show.


Custom Modular Inline Exhibit


Custom Modular Island Exhibit

Another option is the customized modular exhibit which helps with a larger-scale need that can be built to your exact specifications depending on the exhibit space you’ll need. These are great for keeping costs reasonable and allowing for growth over time.

How you can get the best ROI for your modular display

When you go with a modular display, make sure you’re getting the best return on your investment by understanding your booth space needs and functions, prioritize the shows, and size exhibit you’ll need, and understanding guidelines from the show organizer.

Be sure to choose the most important shows and the correct size exhibit for each so that you can best use your space you have. You’d be wise to read up on the exhibitor manual in advance and talk to a Nimlok about your rental options. Plan ahead when it comes to reserving a space, renting your booth, and working on your strategy for the upcoming shows.

If you like the idea of a flexible display that will save you money, is very portable and customizable, offers an intelligent display solution, and allows for a greener approach, choose the custom modular booth for this year’s trade show needs. You’ll love having a one-stop shop like Nimlok to work with on your upcoming rental needs.