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Have Success at your Trade Show Before You Step Foot on the Floor

A successful trade show means you walk away with plenty of new customers and plenty of potential customers. Most companies go into tradeshows to help build their brand, find qualified leads and make a few sales in the process. However, if you don’t do the right things leading up to the tradeshow, you may struggle to find success. Just showing up isn’t enough. Here are a few things you can do before your next trade show to increase foot traffic and have success at your trade show before you step foot on the floor.

Announce, Announce, Announce Letting the entire world know you will be at the tradeshow will make a huge difference. Many companies send out mailers before the show with some type of incentive. They also send out incentives through social media and offer incentives for those willing to “like” their Facebook page “follow” them on Twitter or do something else to become a part of their online community.

When you announce to the world where you will be and what you have, they are more likely to find you. Leverage social media, mailers and other forms of marketing to ensure as many people in the community know you will be at the show as possible.

Get Guests to Register Before the Show Many companies will contact registered guests ahead of time and ask them to register on their website. This allows you to send out a friendly reminder email before the show. This allows you to offer something to get them excited to come see you at the show.

Create an Amazing Exhibit Along with pre-show marketing, it’s vital that you have an amazing exhibit for your show. Not only do you want to set yourself up for success by announcing your attendance, but you also want to draw attention once you’re at the show.

One of the most important ways to ensure you have success before you even step onto the tradeshow floor is with an amazing exhibit. You may want to consider hiring a professional to handle the design and fabrication of your space. This will also make it easy to attend other trade shows and use the same exhibit space to draw attention.

Contact Current Clients and Offer Incentives
It’s not okay to just assume your current clients will stop by your tradeshow space just because you are there. It may happen with some, but by contacting current clients with an incentive, you can ensure more will come by.

Most of your current clients will come to the show with people that may not use your company. This gives you the opportunity to get your brand in front of new people with the strength of a current client to vouch for you. You will also gain the opportunity to reinforce the relationship with your current clients.

Taking care of your exhibit design and pre-show marketing will help you achieve tradeshow success before you even arrive. The right exhibit space paired with marketing to the area and your current clients may just have a line forming at your space throughout the entire show.

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