Trade Show Tips

Going Beyond Email for Valuable Trade Show Lead Follow-up


Once the trade show has come to an end and you’ve made it back to the office, it’s time for the real work to begin. You may have thought you were done once the trades show has concluded, but lead follow-up is the most important part of the job. Neglecting those leads you collected negates all of the work, time, and money you put into the trade show itself.

With trade shows being one of the most efficient ways to get your product or service introduced to a large group of potential customers, it’s more important than ever that you reach out to those people and close the deal. While you may be tempted to send out a simple email follow-up, here is a look at why you should go beyond email to turn those leads into customers.

Make sure you reach out in a timely manner

You may be tempted to put your lead follow-up duties on hold until the end of the month when you’ve had a chance to get back to business as usual in the office, but it’s best to contact them quickly after the show.

Keep in mind that while you and your customers will be ready to get back to the grind and that purchasing something from the show is at the bottom of their list, it’s better to keep the built-up momentum from the show remaining high and close the deal right away. Make sure you’ve contacted your new customers within two weeks of the show by mail, email, or a phone call.

The way you reach out

When you are ready to reach out, make sure you’ve planned ahead to make it a personalized conversation. When you should you’ve paid attention to details such as first names, company details, and what they mentioned their upcoming needs were.

You can do this by taking good notes at the trade show or taking a quick recording from your smart device when you converse with potential customers to create a deeper connection.  When you contact them later, you’ll remember relevant information and show that you paid attention to details.

Rather than a generic email that looks like you sent it to every customer, connect in a more personalized way through social media platforms or a phone call. You may find luck reaching out personally on Twitter or LinkedIn, but use some of the information you’ve gathered at the trade show for a hint at the best way to contact each customer.

These potential leads of yours will also be potential leads for other brands, and when they get bombarded with numerous options and several emails after the show, it will be hard for them to feel motivated to stay in contact with just you. Make sure you think outside the box in your contact options, knowing that reaching out through multiple channels with a personalized message will mean more when received.

Plan out your follow-up communications

It’s important that you go into the trade show with an idea of how you’ll follow up with leads following the show. You can always change up your strategy depending on the customer’s individual preferences, but going in with a general plan will make life easier.

Make sure to contact customers with valuable information because once the show ends, your potential customers will want to get back to business and feel less open to ideas than they were at the fun atmosphere of the show. Follow-ups should include valuable information, gratitude for visiting the booth, and exclusive information that this lead would be interested in seeing that isn’t available elsewhere.

Think long-term

Lastly, make sure you are thinking about your follow-up for the long term. While it’s great to reach potential customers immediately, you will want to think about more than just that one follow-up conversation. Consider the following conversations with these leads after the first one.

Go into your trade show with a follow-up plan of action for 3-5 interactions. You’ll also find success if you find a way to track and prioritize your leads so that your sales team knows which ones to focus on most.

Make sure you go beyond email for trade show follow-up and use these tips to turn those leads into customers.