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Generating In-Booth Meetings With Media

Many companies utilize industry trade shows to announce a new product launch or merger announcement, and count on media coverage of the show to get the word out. However, relying on members of the media to find you without setting the groundwork for a good story may leave you disappointed. Read on for a few tips that can help you generate news coverage at your next trade show or event.

Determine Your Pitch or Angle

If you’re about to launch a product that is poised to revolutionize your industry, the coverage may nearly write itself. But, if you don’t have any major or splashy announcements this year, it’s worth delving deeper into what makes your products or offerings relevant to a wide audience. Simply issuing a generic press release that your company will be attending the event won’t be enough to generate media coverage—you have to think about topics that will interest your potential customers. 

Often, trade shows are organized around a certain theme or topic—and if any of your products or services relate to this theme, it can be easy to compose a short press release that explains your company’s relevance to a timely topic. Otherwise, check to see what new industry research or trends have been released that you can tie to your products, showing the importance of the work you do.

Begin Press Outreach Early

Press schedules are usually fully booked well before the trade show takes place, so waiting until the last minute to make contact with reporters or issue a press release can be too late to get coverage. Instead, prepare your media list a month or so before the event, determine your story or angle, begin pushing out press releases and start reaching out to your media contacts as soon as possible. That way, you can arrange media interviews during the trade show itself. 

Prep Your Trade Show Team

Contrary to the popular saying, not all press is good press. Even the most well-crafted press release may not be enough to secure positive (or accurate) coverage if your team isn’t ready to answer questions at the show. 

Unless the prospect of demanding retractions or issuing clarifications seems like a good way to spend your time after a trade show, it’s a good practice to go over your brand and message with your team well in advance of the show. Needless to say, it’s also crucial that all members of your trade show team have a copy of any press releases you’ve issued.

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