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Four Trade Show Design Elements Perfect for Getting Noticed

Trade shows are all about getting noticed by attracting attention to your booth. When you make the investment in a custom exhibition and pay the cost to attend the show, you want to gain a nice return on your investment. With the right design elements, you can attract plenty of attention and make your show worth the time and money spent.

Before you start thinking about the design, it’s important to properly define your show goals. Are you trying to build brand awareness or are you looking to hit a specific sales goal? Is your goal to reach a specific group of buyers or anyone and everyone at the show? Setting clear goals will help you choose the right design elements for your booth at your next trade show.

Here are four interesting design elements you can incorporate to attract attention at your next trade show.

Inviting Design

Everybody loves a coffee shop and many business people are used to meeting at a coffee shop. Creating an inviting design with plenty of furniture, lighting and a design much like a coffee show may help you grab attention. This provides a way for visitors to slow down and you get the opportunity to actually speak with them for more than just a few seconds.

A few other ways to make your booth inviting include, adding a phone charging station, quick massage chairs or a shoe shine.


Do Something Out of the Ordinary

A design element unlike any other will always attract attention. For example, at one of the auto shows, Jeep put one of the vehicles on an inverted ramp and allowed attendees to take a ride along with a professional driver. Other companies have added simulators allowing visitors to experience their product while skiing, skateboarding or in another way. With the right simulator, you may be able to provide an actual experience for attendees instead of just a product demonstration.

Make your Booth Interactive

An interactive element is a great way to draw attention to your booth. Many companies are adding social media integration, but you can take it a step further. You could add a photo booth with props for people to enjoy. Then, when they print out the picture, it can include your logo and website address. This gives them something to take home with your company info on it outside of the traditional business card.

Another way to make your booth interactive is to add a fun trade show game. This will help to attract attention and give you time to talk about your brand, products or services to those at your booth.

Add Some Mystery

We all fall for those commercials that don’t tell you what they are for until later, such as the car not being uncovered until the Super Bowl ad. You can use the same concept to spread brand awareness at a trade show by adding a little mystery.

Maybe you create a speakeasy-style entrance and a select group of people who get a password to enter. Of course, everybody else can enter with just a business card. You could also create a mysterious booth without any branding on the outside. Then, when an attendee comes into the booth, they find out who you are and what you’re all about.

Mystery draws people in because they have to know what it’s all about. This design element may just land you some great customers at your next trade show.

Creating a booth capable of drawing plenty of attention isn’t the easiest task. Sometimes, you have to step outside of the box and get creative, if you want to draw attention to your brand, product or service. Nimlok NYC offers their design services to make sure you get noticed! Contact us today.

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