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Five Major Things You Need to Know About Exhibiting

Exhibiting may be quite important for your business. Whether larger or small, attending trade shows can bring in a number of new leads, plenty of new customers and all types of industry connections. However, it takes more than just showing up. Here are five things you should know about exhibiting before you attend the next tradeshow.

You Must do more than Show Up

If you just want to show up, don’t expect much out of the trade show. It takes more than just renting a 10×10 space and sitting at the table with a sign stating your business name. Sometimes, first-timers spend a grand or more for space and they think it will lead to a ton of leads and sales. However, if you just show up, don’t expect much.

Planning is Vital

You may have a specific budget in mind, but if you don’t plan properly, that budget will go down the drain in a hurry. You have to plan ahead for more than just the best-case scenario for your budget.

It may become necessary to pay late fees or rush charges to make everything happen. You may also need more labor than you originally plan for and this can all add up in a hurry. Make sure you account for all the possibilities in the budget before you start spending money on your next tradeshow.

Not All Glamor and Glitz

Sometimes, first-time exhibitors think tradeshows are going to be glamorous. This is what they seem from the outside, but they are far from it.

Attending tradeshows is quite a bit of hard work. Whether you just go to one show locally each year or you fly across the country attending every show in your industry, they require hard work. It will be stressful at times, but the work will reap plenty of benefits, as well.

Booth Staffers Struggle with their First Lead

Getting that first lead or sale isn’t easy for your booth staff if they are not experienced. However, once they get going, it will get much easier. By implementing the process of engaging, qualifying, presenting and closing, you can help your staff become comfortable fast.

The Exhibit Actually Matters

Providing a small display on an eight-foot table with a simple sign behind you won’t do much to attract attention. If you spend $1,000+ to gain access to the audience of buyers, you must also be willing to invest in a professional exhibit or you’ll get lost in the crowd.

A professionally designed exhibit will use the right colors, the right elements and will use your space properly for a higher ROI. If you plan to attend multiple shows per year, a custom exhibit should be a part of your plan. It will certainly draw far more attention than a table with a simple sign behind it.

Exhibiting may seem very easy, but it’s not. It takes time to master the art of exhibiting at tradeshows. With the right plan, an expert to design your exhibit and plenty of marketing ahead of time, you can find the success you desire at your next tradeshow.

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